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My name is Faith, I am a 20-year-old prepper. I’ve been learning and practicing prepping since I was twelve years old. Recently I have developed a master plan for SHTF scenarios, and I’d like to create an established group of preppers, young or old, new or experienced; to help me build that community.  Currently, I live in Barren County, Kentucky, however, I want the community to go beyond physical location.

I’ll attach a copy of my plan files below.

My plan for this network goes like this: This forum thread is the online base camp for us to communicate. Currently, it is just me, but those that wish to form an official network.  We will swap contact information, a name you wish to be called and a general location (nothing too specific, just to get a basic idea as to where we all are.)

From there we’d discuss our knowledge of prepping and any other questions, then when enough people are a part of this network, choose a place for a meet up to get to know each other and establish not only a network but also a friendship, with a common goal of preparedness and survival.

Just as a precaution I’ll make something clear up front: I am a tolerant, open minded person. I respect all ways of life and those who wish to join will not be discriminated on for any reason, you will be judged by your words and actions alone. I will not accept bigoted, racist, sexist, or any form of prejudice. All opinions and expressions are welcomed to be voiced but please do so in a respectable manner. It is encouraged to site and support all statements for show education on the topic of discussion. Bottom line, regardless of skin color, culture, religion, gender, sexuality or any other label we are all here to prepare and share knowledge of survival, and life doesn’t care who or what you are.

With that our of the way:

Those who wish to join the network can post a reply to this post with a method of contact and I will respond within three days. Questions or comments can be discussed here as well.

Note: not all my files will be shown, for security reasons, but you can get an idea of my plans.

Best Wishes,

Faith S.

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  1. Faith, FYI – since you’ve given your username an alias, the PM system will not work on the alias.

    If people try to PM you as Faith, they won’t see your account in the directory, but other accounts named Faith or with Faith in the username.

  2. Faith,
    My name is Steven and I just recently started getting prepared.
    I live in Warren county, Kentucky and I am interested in networking and cooperating with other local preppers. You can contact me at nononsenseprep at Gmail
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you

  3. Hello from Montana. Good on you for thinking and acting. I assume you have checked out the wealth of info on the forum that accompanies this site. My contact is sjoe68390 at the g mail place.

  4. If this group is active I’d like to join. I am a physically fit male in my 20’s living in Woodford County. I am looking for people to train with and exchange skill sets.

    I am also a fairly tolerant and open minded person; if shtf as long as you have my back I don’t really care who you are.

    PM me or Email: horribledm shift + 2 gmail

  5. I’m close to Barren county, please PM me. I would like to speak with you about some prep work.

  6. I am a few hours North of you. How often are you looking to train?

  7. I’m interested in connecting with like minded individuals who are willing to train together, exchange skills, and more. I’m in my mid 40’s and I’m open to learn what this journey has to offer.

  8. What is the best way to get a hold of you Ky Patriot?

    Can you PM me

  9. Former military.
    Alternative medicine training
    Survival training
    Crosshairs within 800 guaranteed
    Prepper since 1990

  10. Newbie in Allen County looking to join your group. Message me and can go into more details.