Dec 202018

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I am a prepper from just southeast of Detroit.

A little about myself:                                                                                                               I am a married man in my 40s with no children who is a trained and very experienced mechanic I have professionally worked on everything from small engines to aircraft with the exception of trains. I have been prepping for the better part of 12 years now I am well versed in a variety of skills and have stock-piled a great deal of food, water, and supplies. I am well versed in firearms use, training, reloading, and simple gunsmithing.

What I am looking for:                                                                                                            I am looking for a small group of people who believe in being prepared for whatever life may throw our way but who also want to lead as normal a life as is possible. Anyone interested should be a capable person who has a good amount of supplies laid in already I am not looking for any particular skill sets at this moment but neither am I looking to train someone from the ground up. I am looking for local people only who are willing to meet up on a regular basis to be determined.

If you are interested then please contact me through the comments section let me know briefly your age range, prepping experience, and the general area you live in. If we look to be compatible then I will give you an E-Mail address and we can discuss things in detail.


Thank you for your interest.


  2 Responses to “South Eastern Michigan prepper seeking others”

  1. We have an established group but the retreat site is in Northern Michigan away from cities & freeways. Members are from other states as well as the greater Detroit area. Everyone is well prepped up and none of us are new to this.

    If you don’t like cops we aren’t going to be a good fit. If you don’t have a CPL you’ll have to get one or submit to a criminal background check. (So will your spouse.) We could use a good mechanic, especially if he can work on diesels. We have a tactical team, a medical team and an excellent retreat site.

    If you want to talk hmu – [email protected]

    • Hello,
      I am intrested for sure, I am in MN have prep, cops are just fine, you can criminal background check me for sure nothing there. This is all new to me and I really dont like having to worry about survial but end of days and Jesus will cover his people. I would like to talk.