Jun 022019

We are a small group between San Antonio and Corpus.  We are looking to expand our MAG.  We have 60 acres with a small lake stocked with fish, horses, cows, deer, turkey, quail, hogs, and dove.  We have a bunker project going right now.  We are looking for members with skills, their own gear (or trying to acquire).  We would like to meet at least once every 3 weeks for training and cookout.  We have a shooting range on the ranch (Pistol and rifle up to 400 yards).  Due to Opsec we will have to meet in San Antonio or Corpus to start the courting process and see if you will fit in the group.  I’m an engineer that welds, electrical, plumbing, ex-Military (Dessert Storm), etc.  The wife is a LVN and helps with all the Preps.  We have 2 small children that are just getting acclimated to the life when they are not on their tablets going brain dead.  Reply here and further communication will follow outside of this site.

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  1. check your PM messages

  2. Don’t see a way to send PM on this board. Currently in NE San Antonio, are you still building your MAG?

  3. Trammel or tornado Dave

    Check your PM messages

  4. Retired couple seeking to join a group in San Antonio. Just getting into prepping. Give me a holler.

  5. From reading your post we may have a lot in common. I see that you do understand OPSEC. I have been prepping many years and have ample resources but would like to team up with other serious folks. I can meet any time and any where. My ranch is 60 miles south of San Antonio. [email protected]

  6. Hello Dave, just came across your post. We’re you able to get a group up and running?

    [email protected]

  7. My family is new to prepping but have been interested for years. I too am ex military, combat engineer 15 years. I would be very interested in meeting with you and join in any activities you have so I can learn more. I live in Natalia, just west of San Antonio. Hope to hear from you.


  8. Hi, hope it’s not too late. I’m a retired AF engineer, medical, meteorology background. Started in the Army before OTS’g to AF. Live in W side of San Antonio. Come this family of 4. Please let me know if there’s still times.



  9. Hello! I saw your post and thought that somebody in your group might be interested buying a large standby diesel generator. I work for Natural Bridge Caverns in New Braunfels and we replaced out old standby generator with new units and are looking to sell our old unit to someone that could use it. The unit is a 208/120 3 phase 150kw. It would be great for a farm or ranch to power a house or barn. It has roughly 700 hours on it and was used for backup power for our Visitors Center and lights in the cave. Give me a call at 830 237 7441 or email at [email protected]

    Thanks a bunch!
    Dillon Ellis