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Hi my name is Tom i’m 25 yrs old. I lived down river all of my life.trying to start up a group militia/prepper.. I’m open to suggestions and advice. There is no name of the group yet .So far it is just me possibly a couple others i have a few friends that might be interested also.there ages are between 25-40 I’m looking for people that are interested in being prepared for anything and be a part of a Brotherhood.Men or women. My fear is not being ready or organized when disaster occurs natural disasters or man-made ones. I imagine a group helping each other and others in need in tragedies no matter there color,race, beliefs or religion.I would like the group to Organize activities for our families, learn new things, have monthly meeting.. Communicate well with each other and to be ready! Email me

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  1. Tom
    I wish you all the luck in the world, I really do. Let me tell you why I say that.
    I know of several people here in Michigan that have tried to do just what you are describing. I even tried a few years back. You will find at first the romance of a group
    and the excitement will draw a few people that seem to want to do the same thing.

    But trying to get people to commit and then follow through will be all but impossible.
    you will get a few people to a few meetings, but then when it comes to buying equipment or spending money for anything the commitment will quickly stop.

    All the reasons for not being able to do what is needed will start and continue and get worst as time goes on. First off and you might not want to hear this but your location in south east Michigan is about as bad as it gets, for many many reasons.

    Check out the book strategic relocation my Joel Skousen. There are a few places that are worse around the country but S/E Mich list up there at the top of the worst.
    If you are like the rest of us in this state you live here so you will automatically feel that around home is the best place. Check out true professional preper sites on what they say about city’s and suburb locations. The Charlie Hagwood one in Florida is full of free information. Your thoughts are ones that many many have started on. I talked to Charlie last year when I was in Florida at a event he was at.
    He tells me that groups that he knows and has been involved in training over the years are breaking up. I have no Idea if he is right or not but he says it is because everyone thinks they have a better idea and refuse to act as a group and work together. Good Luck I truly mean that. Been there done that I myself am totally flustered with trying to get even two family’s work together. we had some there all gone their own way.

  2. I agree with everything venture said above but the same is true of groups looking for real people who are willing to contribute themselves. Everyone wants a great group and an awesome retreat site and they do exist. The trouble is they have to filter through all the people who talk themselves up but are not willing or able to contribute or sacrifice to be part of a great group or awesome retreat site.

  3. oldfood

    That is basically what I was trying to say to Tom. And I agree with you in almost everything as well. As far as people being out there still After over 10 to 15 years of talking searching evaluating prepers that I wanted to work with when the time comes.

    I now tend to beleave the ones we look for are already well entrenched in their own
    still working groups or have gotten weary of looking and made other arrangements.

    I do not believe that all of a sudden a passive please do it for me, or lets wait and see preper will all of a sudden become a seasoned preper be transformed into a driven haul their own weight and may be a little of everyone else preper.

    Sorry for the disbelieving nature here but after so many years of doing the same thing( looking for solid group prepers) and expecting a different result than what I have found. I have come to believe this. May be in other states or locations. Who knows.

  4. I would also be very interested to see others thoughts on this subject. Over the years I have found that prepers here in Michigan seem to have much less incentive, interest or
    just plain push to drive to actually do more than just talk about the subject. There are some I am sure my point is It seems they are all entrenched and out of sight, that might be the best place to be.

  5. Not sure if this is a dead thread, Sadly i have to agree that most fellow Michiganders i’ve come across seem to like the idea of a preppers lifestyle but don’t want to actually take on the commitment and responsibilities that go with it. I’ve known a few people who have a few bags of rice, beans and tuna stored in a closet and think they are ready, along with the ones who have a lot of guns and bullets and think they’ll hunt for the rest of there existence. Finding actual people who have a good head on there shoulders about what preparedness actually entails is pretty hard.

  6. I live in the Wyoming area but am interested to see what is to be offered come on people less talk and more work contact me and we can see what will or could happen

  7. Hello tommygun, I’m interested to hear how you group is doing. Wife and I live near Lansing. Would most likely just prefer to know rough areas where friendly enclaves of ppl are. If you would like to exchange emails let me know.