Jan 132021

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I am a 46 year-old female prepper who’s looking for other like minded people to connect with.  I am extremely serious about prepping and looking to join others in a retreat.  Currently, I am in Southeastern Michigan and unintentionally bumped into a guy online who is attempting to organize a group.  However, the problem is that he lives in Florida and we are both having difficulty meeting others who would like to diligently form a unit.  Our kind are few and far between.  Lol.  I am a former professional who is willing to do my share as part of a group (whatever that might be) in working together.  I am trustworthy and seeking the same.  I am also a person of faith.  Please message me if you seek the same.  Thanks!

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  1. Hey there, hello from montana. It’s tough all over trying to find others of like mind. Get your own preps in order and if you are in a high population area it is time to get to a safer place even if it’s for a working vacation. If you haven’t already check out the prepper forum associated with this site. Lots of good info.

  2. We have an established group and retreat site in northern Michigan (lower peninsula) if you’re interested.

    [email protected]

    • Hello!
      I’ve found a property in northeast Michigan with a large pole barn, an artesian well, orchard, etc.. I am a single woman with experience in many areas of preparedness. I am urgently seeking ways to buy the 17 acre property, but need help to purchase it. I have experience working at 4 farms, using medicinal herbs, and in emotional healing. I’m gathering over 100 edible and medicinal perennials to plant on the property that can be divided up and planted else where for others in time of need. I have many other skills and plans. I’m looking for someone or a few people who would go in on the purchase with me. I am willing to prune the orchard, gather apples, plant perenials and do the upkeep as well as supervise the fixing up of the home if you cannot be here at present, i exchange for help to get it up and going. It is near the woods and the Lake. Please contact asap as someone else is trying to buy the property and it’s a very unique find.

  3. I’m centrally located in southern mi and also looking for like minded people who are also preppers.

  4. Feel free to respond as I’ve been also attempting to start a group in this area .

  5. WV? over 100 mountainous acres springs originate on land
    [email protected]

  6. Greetings FreeThinker. As this is a potentially open forum, I will simply say that I am in SEMI and very serious about prepping. I am praying for the best, but prepared for what happens in the interim. Email me on Google and let see if our interests align.

  7. For those looking to join a group, perhaps I am able to help.

    SE Michigan Group with retreat located near Exit 200 off I-75 North.
    Private Lake / 40 acres / Infrastructure constantly being built.

    Members consist of Medical Professionals / Military Personal / Fire Fighters… etc

    If it’s something you think you might be interested in please email:

    [email protected]

    We would like to hear what you could add to the community we are building.

    • Hello
      I’m located in metro Detroit area and I’m looking to connect with a group of survival minded individuals. I’m new to prepping per say but I know how to survive and thrive in stressful situations. Looking for Trust, loyalty, friendship, and community. Will pull my weight and help do whatever it takes to ensure safety and Survival.

      Looking to join community

  8. Hello I am in SE, MI. I have a meetup group I am trying to get up and running and another site. I am also looking to meet others in this area. This area seems very tough to find like minded people.

    Mhy email is [email protected]

    We have a Prepper Picnic in July if you are interested. .

  9. Hello,
    Looking to meet like minded people. Have been prepping since 2013. Please reach me at [email protected]