Jan 012017

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Greetings from Down Under

 Been a prepper for some years without really knowing what one was! Generally just a fellow who is going back to a simpler life that includes being as self sufficient as possible. Have a background in farming and most associated skills. Outdoorsy type who likes to hunt and fish. Would very much like to correspond with anyone, male or female from anywhere, who wants a penfriend to just chat in general and bounce ideas off. I do have a 600 acre retreat in the mountains of Southern New South Wales but it is more a hunting, fishing and relaxing block of bush. Will eventually relocate from the city to the South Coast but will always keep that retreat! Not at the moment interested in forming or joining a group but happy to chat and even meet with anyone and of course keep all options open. I have been to the US twice – Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona (have friends in Arizona) and plan to go back.

Kindest Regards


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  1. Hello,
    I’m french, and I’ll come in little time near of Sydney (/family), to stay for prepping.
    So I look for contact…
    More with Email : michelcaraiannis(at)Hotmail(dot)fr

  2. HI,I live in Brisbane .I have a boat moored in the Brisbane .Travel for business through the areas you described whilst moving through to business in Tasmania.Am ex British Army special forces am pretty well self contained but as with yourself am interested in speaking to likeminded people to obtain idea and in general maybe a different perspective on any developing situations .
    LIke yourself have been sub consciously prepping for whatever.Have been in cyclones ,earthquakes,floods ,Bushfires have been in the drink twice, plus past military dramas.Have worked from Arctic to the Tropics in both military and civilian capacity.
    HEnce now want a peaceful existence without drama .However always prepared .Regards Airbornex

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