Aug 012020

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Hi, I am Christian and interested in getting out of the hustle and bustle of the masked charade we are calling life these days.

I have seeds, primitive skills videos I would like to transfer to a notebook and test for real in the woods. I have gear for extended trips into the woods.

I have about 30 Lifestraws. I have some money, a car, a hammock, a slingshot. I don’t have anything that doesn’t fit in my car.

I don’t have pets or kids or a significant other. I am heterosexual and believe the King James is the Word of God and believe everything in it literally.

I do not believe in Covid-19. I think the vaccine is the mark of the beast and will refuse it even if they put me in a camp and chop my head off……even if it means starving to death in the street.

I can teach the Bible and how to see the wiles of the devil everywhere in Hollywood and all aspects of our lives. I have been studying the satanic illuminati and the Bible for 12 years since I got saved.

I am looking for a group that is focused on the Bible and SHTF survival excluding weaponry unless it pertains to hunting with a bow or a slingshot. You won’t be winning any battles against the beast and it’s armies.

Protecting your family from thieves and gangs is one thing but war is another. My policy is ‘just say no’. I expect to be put in a camp. You won’t be able to pay taxes on your land if you reject the vaccine/mark, let alone go to the store or buy gas.

Time to stock up on food and water, etc. You will only have the amount of time it takes for them to kick you off your land for not paying those taxes.

Once the vaccine is implemented by our military it will be compulsory and we will just have to have what we need. I can contribute. All I ask is for a seat at the table. YHVH bless you all in these hard times. -Simon

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  1. can you please contact me, [email protected] I hope you are still available to talk. Please respond soon if so. Thank you.