May 222019

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I have a 20 acre lot in Southern Utah,  Looking for like minded preppers to turn this into a coop type of bugout site.

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  1. Are you still looking for like minded people? My son and I are looking for a future place to have in an emergency. We are in Salt Lake City. What exactly are you looking to do with your space? Please contact me through my email [email protected]. Thank you for your time.

  2. Liked minded would aligned with this concept:

  3. HI,
    My name is Valorie, I am interested in connecting with you about prepping in southern Utah. I am a Bible believing Christian, if that works for you, contact me
    [email protected]

    this is the date today 9/30/20- and I have reason to believe the economy will collapse within the next month or two…

    contact me if you feel led