Mar 222020

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I want to connect with other like minded prepper types here on Florida’s Space Coast. I have extensive skills in many prepping areas such as Radio Comm, Herbal medicine, outdoor skills, self defense, weapons, first aide, organization, equipment repair, carpentry, machining, and more. I believe this pandemic is going to eventually collapse the economy and we are headed for some very tough times. I want to build a local network of vetted people who are committed to working together to survive the coming storm. Message me if you are local to the Florida Space Coast and are seriously interested in becoming part of this network.


  12 Responses to “Space Coast Florida Prepper seeks like minded”

  1. Interested in finding out more. Not sure how to msg you other than posting a reply here.

  2. I’m near Sebring & agree with your assessment. Christian conservative Army vet looking for like minded individuals interested in a MAG.

  3. I’m interested. 59 yo Christian woman can cook, garden, mind children, clean, and other misc tasks as needed. Would like to relocate to a safer remote area. Optimist, honest, moral, and hardworking.

    • Also have resources.

    • Hi SilverKat,

      I’ve been a prepper since before it was “cool”. Raised in very rural farm country in Illinois. Hunted trapped and fished as a kid. I’m an engineer and have a solid technology background and can fix most any thing mechanical or electrical. Active with the Boy Scouts for many years and hiked hundreds of miles. I have resources for living off grid when the “SHTF”. I think we will be at war with China within the next few years. This is only the beginning of a long choreographed take over by the puppetmasters.

      Tell me more about your background, where you are now and what your situation is. How do you see yourself surviving the next five years? Let’s get a dialog going so that we can see how like minded we are. I’m getting a lot of interest in my post recently, people are starting to see the writing on the wall.
      Best wishes,

  4. Hey, I’m also in Sebring and looking for like minded. Give me shout out doxieluv1013 st the gee mail.

  5. Hey there, do you have any room for others to join?