Apr 082019

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Hello! We are a very small group at the moment, just getting up from smaller ideas right now. We are looking to make our group bigger and start building. I haven’t found anyone other than our group so far that would be willing to build with us. Each of us has a particular set of skills, ranging from engineering to construction and welding. We have some preparations made already. We are open to many skill levels, you must be open minded, okay with the possibility of things changing and willing to work with families. Let me know if you’re interested!

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  1. Hello, I am located in Southeast Michigan. I am looking for like minded thinking people. Going on two years since I have been preparing. For what? Well time can only tell that one. I have many skills as I have a very high IQ. That’s not bragging, because I only have BS in science. But if I had the money could have finished with MD or PhD. But I am happy where I am in my career and it really displays that IQ. One of my best skills and most sought after is my problem solving skills. I am able to look at problems, issues at all sides, to grasp future out comes and solutions. I have skills in construction. I have taught myself any thing I have needed in life, and when being taught, am a very good student. Other Skill that get’s over looked is my Skill and ability to adapt. That is something I think is crucial in the prepper life. It allows us to survive. There are a lot of preppers out there that have been preparing, stockpiling, but if they can’t adapt to the new life, then they will be as good as if they hadn’t been prepping. Well I just wanted to respond to your post and see were things go and maybe my family can be apart of your group, and if not, maybe trading valuable information and knowledge to helps us out for an uncertain future.

  2. I’m relatively new to prepping ad really want to learn more skill’s, I don’t have many skill’s, but
    i’m a pretty good shot with a bow and am more than happy to start learning.

  3. hi there are you still looking? how big is your group? what is the average age? are you looking for any spcific skills? is every body in your group married? i am single 55 and am looking for a group. what are you planning on “building”? i am interested in talking to you if you are as interested —- Dean

  4. Looking for a group. Im in the northeast of Ohio (Canton/Akron) area. Military, EMT, Mechanic, Carpenter, IT tech, etc etc. Would love to talk if you’re still looking for folks.

  5. SE Michigan, Is this group still growing and looking for new membership? I would love to talk more.

  6. Located in SE MI. Looking for like minded folks. Looking for “just the right group”. Been prepping for some time and looking to join forces with as I stated earlier, like-minded folks. 4 adults ages ranging from 20’s-40’s. Experiance in firefighting, first aid, welding, marine/mechanics/carpentry amongst others. Would like more info.