Sep 162018

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I am trying to start a group of like minded people that if shit ever hit the fan, would bug out to a location that the group would know. I can be contacted at, [email protected] the group is for people in the Williamsburg/Richmond area. Background checks will be conducted, all ages and walks of life are welcomed. If you have any special skills please feel free to mention them in Ur email.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

  4 Responses to “Starting a group.”

  1. good morning Chris.
    i wish you the best.

    • Good Afternoon Keebler. I greatly appreciate that thank you.

      • Morning chris.
        I’m just a single “older” prepper taking care of my self.Haven’t found any one Local (I95-295) intersection that wants to get together. I am into Solar PV mostly, several 12 volt Battery operated Lights “Inside” and 3 in my shed using a Lawnmower start Battery & a 20 watt solar panel.15 watt panel in back window (BOV ) van to second the 12 volt independence.