Apr 052019

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Not finding a lot for groups in STL. Urban survival has its own considerations and getting together a group in or closer to the city sounds like a good idea.

My wife and I are in our upper 20s, I’m previous military. We’re relocating down to STL next week. We’re pretty fresh to prepping so all preparedness and skill levels welcome. We’re willing to teach what we know, but more inportantly, willing to learn.

Our main concerns are riots and social unrest. I’m sure you locals are well familiar with that. Looking to get some friends with an interest in mutual protection.

Wouldn’t hurt to have a few regular range buddies as well. Having a familiar face in the new city would be nice to get.

I’ll check this but you’ll get faster response emailing [email protected]

Thanks and good luck

  2 Responses to “Starting Group in St Louis Area”

  1. I have the names of a couple of preppers in the St. Louis area thatI can share with you. Contact me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with them or send them your address if you agree. My name is Keith

  2. Hello. Not sure if you are still looking for groups in the St Louis area but I’m interested as well. I’m new to this but these are crazy times. I live very close to St Louis and am interested in finding a group.