Apr 112016

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Looking for like minded individuals and families looking to come together and form a new local group for long term success should the SHTF.  I am an 8 year USMC Veteran (Combat Engineer) who has been prepping for several years and am now ready to teach and learn with others in my area.  If you are easy going, open to a team effort and looking to join/start a local group in the SE Valley, please contact me at frank at diamondns dot com to email further.


  1. Hi Frank, I’m Chad. I am also an 8 year veteran of the USMC. I’m pretty new here so PM me (if that’s the expression).

  2. Hi, sent an email to frank at diamondns dot com — looking forward to hearing back!

  3. Hello,
    While I am not in your area, the group I’m with is looking to expand more and both add new branches, as well as network with new people.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and we can discuss more.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  4. Hi Gabe, I just sent an email. Looking forward to hearing back.


  5. Hello, My name is Nyx and I work in the Chandler Area. I am interested to know if this group has gotten started. I would be interested in learning from like minded people. Thank you

  6. sent you a PM

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