Sep 182016

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Ian here, time is running out whether its a major financial crash or WW3 (invasion) or polar shift to Nibiru, we need to unite & survive please contact if you feel the same

Gold Coast

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  1. Hi Ian, I’m not a hard core Survivalist but my eyes are open. I’m in a town of 6000 others, over a 1000m above sea level and 160 Ks inland. I’m wish there was more reliable proof of any pending disasters but what I see is a worry(and when it is there in your face it’s to late) .I’m mainly Prepping for major power loss and isolation. How want the Heck – the SharkieS won the NRL Prem, Lets see what tomorrow brings.
    Regard Msdavid

  2. Hi guys
    Also would like to unite to survive would be great to meet up to talk about all this

  3. Hi guys
    Also would like to unite to survive I’m definite about the financial crisis.

    • Hi Duncs
      I dont know your situation but if your interested in joining a survival group send us an email
      at sanctuaryark(at)email(dot)com

  4. Hi , looking to connect with prep minded people in Qld , Myself and a friend have been into this for a few years and would love to converse with others.



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