Aug 062021

Hello, It’s Charles,

I kind of lost track of this website, but my heart is still the same as my original message. It’s difficult for me to find sold out hearts, or at least those who desire it, as I also do desire. I believe the United States is filled with “Rich Young Rulers” who aren’t even rich. MANY are attached to their possessions and mammon, and cannot hear the Master’s Words to forsake ALL. But I do not want to start anything, I simply desire to FOLLOW what the Holy Spirit already started in the book of Acts 1-4, and be PREPARED for our Savior’s soon return.

My NEW email address is: findthenarrowway at yahoo

  One Response to “Still Searching For My Tribe”

  1. The Master said, “He that loves his life will lose it, but he that loses his life for My Names sake, will find it.” Therefore I am desiring to BE PREPARED with the preparation that truly counts the MOST, “Without HOLINESS, no man will see the Lord.” Matt. 7 says that MANY won’t be READY for Christ’s soon return. Plus, I am also interested in any secondary preparation such as some of the things talked about most at this site. Charles, findthenarrowway at yahoo