Sep 192016

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First thx to the people that attended ganungra it was special you don’t meet people like that everyday thx c your a legendary sole …

OK Saturday another get together all welcome but if your not serious please don’t contact me this is a group who’s not mucking around we have a fantastic location and are in the process now of bugging out in stages our site is nnsw and to be on there by Xmas please contact me if tour interested no cost byo on the spit at main beach starting 11 finish 5 but will go on till Sunday lol

Sat 24th sept  the spit main beach gold coast 10 till 5 rsvp Friday [email protected]

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  1. Hey Robby, looking for a community ,serious prepper Sunshine Coast . May not be able to make this weekend ,but would luv to have chat and hear your plans ! Thanks Wayne