Aug 102016

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I’m a member of SOHIO Southern Ohio Outdoorsman were a survivalist/prepper group in southern Ohio you meet, hols meetings and classes and learn from each other we looking for new members to join our family if your interested PM me

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  1. I am pm doesn’t seem available to me yet

  2. How ya doing,

    My name is Andy… I live outside Athens in the sticks, 9 year Army vet and pepper for a couple years now. My son and I moved here two years ago from my home state of FL, however I once owned a house in Columbus and worked there as an IT professional. My son lives with me but his mother is from NE Ohio. I no longer work and primarily focus on preparing for the shit storm quickly approaching. I keep to myself and most my neighbors heads are up the rear ends believing there will be this pre-tribulation rapture and they will all be spared tribulation. Not doing a thing to prepare and all I can see in the future is the hordes of zombies at my doors and windows… Thank the heavens above this is a red brick house… I’m a true follower of Immanuel, (his true biblical name)… I walk according to the law and scriptures… But I’m not a fanatic over it. Your walk may be different than mine, as long as we pray to the same Messiah…

    I’m pretty well equipped considering but as you know there is never enough and always something to better. I carry some pretty good knowledge when it comes to security being a 9 year vet you can guess I’m covered there. I’m kinda rag tag Im sure as apposed to these guys that have been on the ball for a decade or more or have much more financial resources than myself. I can run a frig on solar and cook, some food stashed and grow a garden and can ever year, good on the water storage and filtration, most important… The rule of three’s…

    I had some health issues about 6 years ago that took me out of the work force and I now am on disability. With allot of prayers and transformation of how I lived I am now healed of the physical limitations I once had. I’m actually in pretty good dam shape for a 50 year old, especially after being dead 18 minutes just 6 years ago… LOL. My disability now primarily consists of short term memory loss and attention and focus due to the prolonged death, just enough to keep me disabled. I’m on no medications anymore nor have I been for about two years. Aint even had to step foot in a hospital or doctors office in a couple years outside of eye exams for glasses and a check up. death experience.

    its just me and my 200 lb 6′ 2″ 16 year old son… I know right? I have to feed this monster… He is a great young man and nothing like his peers… these kids today? I thought we were bad back in the 80’s but now? I am utterly appalled. he keeps his friends few and select due to their stupid-ness as he puts it… I raised him right… Since moving here I haven’t met a soul and cant believe there aren’t preppers here. this is a prime location. If they are here they do a dam good job of staying below the radar… Wise move, but bad for guys like me… I understand the security concerns, but dam? me and this boy alone? Not a wise move in an SHTF scenario and surrounded by Christians with their heads up their rear ends…

    I have a neighbor down the road a peace that I speak with and we have discussed bartering. Him and his boy know whats up and raise cattle and goats. Im supposed to be getting a couple goats from him to add the chickens I have… we made a deal to trade beef and goat meat for my garden veggies and eggs/chickens should the time come and to look out from our perspective ends of the road. Only about a 1/4 mile apart and I have a handful of Motorola and a HAM… I have other goodies as well… I sure would like to find more neighbors or possibly a bug out retreat if I need it. kinda to dam close to that libtard town of Athens…

    Shoot me a message

  3. Hello,

    I sent a private message but have not received a response. Are you still looking at potential new members?


  4. does anyone know of any groups,or individuals in Southeast ohio that are looking to gather,or trade information and knowledge. I am from the Caldwell,Ohio area

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