Mar 062022


Prince George BC has a lot to offer being a hub of commerce, education,  culture and bridges but finding people who are ready, willing and able in the prep world can be difficult.   This might be because in the “north” we are solitary independent people.   Who knows?  I know I am.  But…I also know that prepping takes energy, time, money, and determination among other things.

Each of us can prepare for things on our own but then what?  Once you’ve filled your home with stockpiles of needed things,  buried your reserves all over the crown land,  hidden things under rocks and in streams you feel prepared.   But while your at work your house is buried in a landslide and that crazy arsonist kid set a field on fire and took out your markers on where you buried your treasures.   Now you’re alone with minimal supplies and the proverbial doo doo does its thing.

Even if the above doesn’t happen,  wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to be doing the things you love -prepping- with others that you can build a trust with.   Bush craft, foraging,  fishing, hunting, camping, canning, building a skills and knowledge base, mechanics, carpentry, logging, blacksmithing, gardening and earth prep,  storing, along with medical, practactical tactical,  fuel alternatives,  solar, wind, water generated power, equestrian skills, leather making, rope making, bow making, animal husbandry, butchering, shearing, weaving, sewing, scouting, general communications systems, etc.  There’s a lot to know; a group of interested, motivated people who want to start or continue preping and are willing to share knowledge and skills are an awesome asset to any plans.  Have fun while we can.  Many of these skills were common a few generations ago and I believe they should still be common knowledge.

If you are interested in being involved in a group that isn’t trying to replicate some crazy militaristic movie scenario, doesn’t charge fees (everyone does what they can as they can without mega “group” pressure),  is morally bound with biblically ethical values, likes guitars (and other instruments) around campfires (but definitely is not playing kumbaya), and is trying hard to remain positively motivated in troubling times…contact Sacron.

[email protected]