Jul 212018

Hello, I’m looking for a non-religious prepper group in the Chicagoland area.  I have been teaching myself how to garden, compost, freeze foods, and the like for a few years now.  I have a variety of survival skills and know how to make due with less.  Canning, rainwater collection, and drip irrigation are on my list of skills to develop next.  Thanks.

May 242016

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Hello all,

Looking to meet like minded individuals or group reps about joining up in the McHenry/Lake County Illinois area. Southern WI also good for me.
Long time Prepper, Christian, Conservative looking to find at least somewhat like minded individuals or a group to collaborate with or join. Seems like time is getting short on the clock and there is safety in numbers, so ready to take the final plunge in my prepping journey and not be an isolationist.

Look forward to hearing from you!