Sep 302017

Mom, Grandma, and Granddaughter are looking for a prepper group in or around Guthrie, OK. We are new to all of this, having decided that enough was enough and we should probably have some kind of action plan to go on should SHTF. Not quite sure where to start, but we have decided our first priorities are to find a group (as we can’t exactly “Red Dawn” it, as my mother put it), and we need to start stocking up on food and water for what may be the inevitable. 

I’m not quite sure what I could advertise as a “skill set” for us. My mother has worked reconning cars for years and is quite handy with most common car issues? I’m a medical biller with minimal actual surgical experience. I guess my post-apocalyptic life skill would be crocheting. Gotta have them blankets, scarfs, hats, stuffed animals etc lol.  Any and all help/tips/guidance would be much appreciated. I see the links on the left hand side of the site for guides and blogs, etc, and will be looking more into them very shortly. Must ask that any and all contact (for the time being) be solely online as privacy is precious these days, as is security and safety. Thank you so much to you who is reading this, drop a message if you can, and have a happy day.

Mar 032016

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Recently moved from Colorado to Crystal Lake, my girlfriend and I.
I am new to prepping but want to start getting more into it and I think joining a group near me would help immensely.
I am always adding and building my bugout bag and my jeep is my life, shes ready to go at all times

jtripoli90 [at] gmail [dot] com

Nov 052015

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Our family is pretty new to survival prepping and we would like to connect with other new Christian preppers in the Northwestern North Carolina area to brainstorm, share experiences, work together on projects, pray for wisdom and provision, learn and practice skills, fellowship, encourage, etc…..  This may lead to some beneficial relationships in the event of a national or global collapse.  *Note, we are native southerners but do not display or support the confederate flag. ** Only preppers with a clean criminal record, no drug use or abuse, infrequent alcohol consumption, good moral character need contact me.  ***Families with children 10 and under are very welcome as we have a son who will be participating!  **** Homeschoolers particularly welcome!   <<<<<<  If you or your wife and kids are interested in possibly meeting, please contact me on here or through my personal e-mail:    mrsme6th    at    bellsouth   dot   net