Feb 142016

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Hello, Just wanted to pass along to folks a quick note about the Oregon Training Group.  I took the plunge and joined the website and started to attend FTX (field training’s) last summer, after three FTX’s I was voted in by the membership.

Trainings occur every third Saturday of the month, usually in the Linn county area as it seems to be centrally located;. while their are members from across the state, most of the active members are spread around the Willamette valley.  There are 3 elected positions and a well thought constitution. The group has been around for more than 3 years now.  There are no dues or specific equipment requirements. Most training’s last 4-6 hours although i have been on 2 overnighters. I would encourage folks with an interest to stop by and join the site and look over the forum section to get a feel for the group. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me here or there.



UPDATE February 14, 2016

Update, Oregon Training Group is still around after almost another 2 years. I am now Chairman for the group. We continue to offer classes and opportunities to network with other like minded folks primarily in the Willamette Valley.
I want to state unequivocally though that we are not a militia, folks occasionally find us and we are happy to recommend groups that we know are active, it isn’t this group though.
We have our schedule for the rest of the year set up, i am also offering bonus classes when i can, usually in conjunction with the Salem Area Preparedness Group’s activities another group with which i remain active.
Aside from class materials there is no charge for classes. nor do we collect dues, have equipment requirements etc. Folks can find out more at


Thanks for your interest and stay safe-Post18guy