Jun 052021

We are developing a born-again Christian community to be totally self-sufficient  in the eastern Tenn. mountains.
This is a gorgeous location nestled in between the mountains with good view of the road half mile away.

We still have room but not for much longer. The elite plan to collapse the world economy so you need to respond fast. We want people with resources and talents so we can save others who are not as fortunate when the time comes.
Here is the problem:
GLOBAL  CORONA-VIRUS PANDEMIC: The world will never be the same as it once was. The first pandemic was a test. 

Bill Gates and the WHO Plan to VACCINATE everyone with nano particle chip inside you that will grow so it cannot be surgically removed. 5G will track everyone with a chip (Mark of the Beast)  .

Search for Dr Shiva Ayyadurai MIT PhD Biologist: exposes Bill Gates,Fauci,Clinton,WHO,CDC,Big Pharma #FireFauci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO32jgE8qsE(4 PhD.s from MIT running for Senate in Mass. ,  Covid-19 Virus Conspiracy? Truth About Corona Virus: Part 1- Dr. Rashid A. Buttar  and  Dr Andrew Kaufman Rejecting CoronaVirus


We are the solution.

We seek mechanics, physicists,prior service military,truckers with own truck,
plumbers, electricians,concrete construction personnel, chemists, welders,
emergency medicine specialists, nurses, aquaponic farmers. We have dozens of water storage containers from 55 gallon to 2000 gallon,running water stream, tractor, SurvivalStill, concrete mixer,NBC air filtration system, deep cycle batteries, solar panels, wind turbine,goats, ducks,chickens,turkeys,aquaponic and hydroponic systems,grow lights,non-GMO seeds,etc. and expertise but need more of same and preferably someone with at least $5-$50K  capital to either pay off this property or buy more land adjacent to us and for survival supplies and equipment.

We have bought more land on top of another mountain.  You can,too,buy land next to the first location if you want. There are 11 structures on the first site and there are 2 more large areas for another trailer or house to be built.  One area is graveled with a stream nearby and a natural spring within 1/2 mile up the mountain.

We seek Interns for Survival Training. You will learn how to make tools and
weapons,identify trees and edible plants,growing vegetables and nuclear
survival preparedness. We teach how to set up solar systems,wind turbines,
micro-hydro electricity generators,solar furnaces,bicycle electricity battery
rechargers. We provide room and 2 meals a day for 1 week.

Need backhoe and diesel truck ! Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to move quickly. This is a team effort;no one person runs everything,but there is a Christian leader.
Please PM me if interested or

Contact willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

Maybe America Will Be Invaded from Seven Simultaneous Directions-
The Red Dawn Phase Is Ready to Commence :

Our backgrounds include Military: Navy,Marines,Army, fire fighter
and TSA security,emergency medicine/ nursing ,IT & Aerospace,
electrical-concrete-plumbing-construction, missionaries,entrepreneurs,
automotive & business owners,so we all have great leadership and
organizational skills… but are not authoritarian,bossy types. We many
times use consultative decision-making.. We each can lead, teach,
follow or get out of the way as appropriate,and we want others with
the same cooperative Christian attitudes.

We have experience & skills in transportation,water treatment, RVs,
nursing and medical care, solar and wind turbines, site planning,
carpentry, woodworking, electrical,electronics,raising chickens,ducks,
goats and rabbits,plumbing, mechanical and repair skills, gardening,
fishing, hunting (both gun and bow),cleaning & tanning hides,identifying
trees and plants,herbal medicine, operating chain saws & farm equipment,
and one member is a former TSA screener with a Military Intelligence/aerospace background who owns a drone and infrared security system… a huge security asset for us! Two of the women are artists and make multimedia art and furniture.
Contact willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

  27 Responses to “Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper Group – UPDATED!”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve attempted to contact both emails above but no response. Is this still available?


    • Depending on how long ago you attempted contact, give it some time. Some folks only check certain emails a couple times a week. It’s also a busy season if you grow or have livestock, both hemispheres, and a lot of people are fielding extras due to the current state of affairs.

      If it’s been more than 10-14 days without a response, do let John and I know, if you would. It’s at_preppergroups.com, either “John” or “Rebecca” or ideally both so the first to see it can get started checking on things.


    • So I get a massive amount of emails. I will query Tenn. Christian Prepper Group in my email. Can you PM me your email and phone number. Glad I checked. GOD Bless.

  2. Just curious if you are still looking for more people to join you. What part of Tennessee are you in?

  3. I sent an e-mail.

    • Please resend with Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper Group as subject.
      Sorry it took so long to get in touch. We are still looking for members
      Please call or text William Stewart at 401-369-4617

      • I called 401-369-4617 and received a message that the number has been disconnected. Is there another number that we can call? Also, I sent the Tenn Mtn. Christian Prep group a number of emails with our number so you can contact us. I know you must be extremely busy, but I do hope to hear from y’all soon. We currently live in NC but we are definitely open to moving to TN. We rent our home on a month to month basis so we can move asap.More details are in our email to the group. God bless you.

        • The number has never been disconnected. I think you are the Yanceys so we are in contact if that is you.

          • So sorry. I wrote that a while back. I had accidentally called the wrong number. And afterward, I did get in touch with someone from the group. By the way, we heard that there was flash flooding in the Tenn. Mtns. How are you all doing? Hope y’all are all safe. We hope to visit sometime this month. God bless y’all. — The Yanceys.

  4. I just discovered this forum and I’m seriously interested. I’m a teacher here in Georgia desperately wanting to get back to the mountains and I’m seeking property in the Eastern Tennessee area. May I inquire as to what, if any, you have available? Thanks ever so much! Karen

    • Karen, We have a site on our main property on top of a rise big enough for a big trailer/camper. There are also many other properties around us you could buy,
      Best thing to do is to email me with subject Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper Group or text me at phone above. Please follow directions in above paragraphs.

  5. Greetings, I liked your outline and agree with a lot you are saying. I am a pastor as well as survivalist trained. I would not so much be talking about nuclear survival, maybe more on EMP danger, having wind or solar for power is great be being able to sustain that power after a EMP is the question. My wife and I have been prepping for some time and agree with having a community especially like minded Christians to be with.

  6. I live in Florida with my 85 yr old mother-two dogs and cat. We believe in Jesus Christ and know about the MARK OF THE BEAST it will be in the vaccine–if we choose not to put it inside us they will persecute us. We choose to die in the name of Jesus Christ. We are looking to live among preppers and help others. We are trying fix our home to sale it off. Let us know if you all still looking this is coming down real fast and military will be looking for everyone who refuses the MARK 666. EMAIL [email protected]

  7. Hi, my name is Mary Billups.
    If there’s still room available, I’m m very interested in joining.
    I had posted a while back in 2018, my situation has changed.
    I bring to the table nothing but a willing to learn/relearn on-hand everything that I said in my post in 2018.
    I very much want to get back into the countryside with like minded people.

    • Hello Mary, We asked that you email us at an email already listed in the post and many of the replies as well as my phone number in the replies. When you email us have subject ” Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper Group” so can query/ searchfor your response. Please include your phone number and what we asked for in the posted article. Thank you.

  8. Hello. Is there still room available to join the Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group? I’ve sent a number of emails with the subject title that you requested. Perhaps the emails went to your junk/spam folder. Also, I called the number listed below and received a message that the number had been disconnected. Is there another number I can call? Thank you and God bless you.

  9. If there’s still room available, both me & my boyfriend are ready to move before we are forced to lockdown again.
    I apologize for the long pause, as I had to get him to understand the urgency for this move.
    I do have 2 Shih Tzus (my male could be left with family), but, my female puppy (my male’s daughter),
    I’d rather keep with me, as I’ve had her since she was 3 days old.

  10. Hey gang, Gods peace to you. I have tried emailing and havent gotten a response. I figured y’all was as busy as everyone else is, if not more, so I thought I’d try this. Ive been a Christian prepper for a while now, and am coming from Zion Park Utah. I didnt know anyone, but God kept nudging me out here for some reason. I’m thinking y’all might be a part of that. I’m a former US Army NBC specialist, former union (local 247) carpenter, former internationally published poet, and now, above all, a child of God looking to be standing when Jesus comes back again…