Jun 212017

  We are developing a born-again Christian community and a
nuclear bomb shelter (three-quarters complete) for a totally self-sufficient community
in the mountains. This is a gorgeous location nestled in between the mountains with
good view of the road. Hal has approved this post.

Even though Donald Trump was elected, the elite plan to collapse the world economy
so you need to respond fast. We want people with resources and talents so we can save
others who are not as fortunate when the time comes. However, if you are a born again
Christian, that is what really matters and we would like to talk to you.
Here is the problem as described in YouTube searches:


Planet X Nibiru 2017 update today 16th – Stunning Images of Two Suns in the Sky

Experts Warn North Korea Nukes Can Beat THAAD, That System Is Too Far Away

Russian Government Prepares Citizens for Nuclear War with U.S.

Worldwide Economic Collapse 2017

We are the solution.

We seek electricians, mechanics, physicists,prior service military,
truckers with own truck,plumbers,concrete construction personnel, chemists,
welders, emergency medicine specialists,nurses, aquaponic farmers and anyone
with farming experience,especially with goats,chickens or rabbits.
If you do not have any of these skills but are a Christian we still
want to hear from you.
First item towards your acceptance and consideration to join is that you
reply to this letter by EMAIL with your phone number, a bit about yourself like
age,occupations, survival skills,Christian background, where you live,
how many in your family, what are you hopes and desires for your future
and whether you have at least $3K to contribute towards NBC construction
and for your own house.
We will then call or email you. Please tell us the best time and your time zone.
IF for any reason you have not received a phone call from us within say 2 days,
then you should send us a second email.
Contact either willswebservice at comcast dot net or dietoselfhal at g mail dot com
Please put in email Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

We have dozens of water storage containers from 30 gallon to 2000 gallon,
running water stream, tractor, SurvivalStills, concrete mixer,
NBC air filtration system, deep cycle batteries, solar panels,wind turbine,
goats, ducks,chickens,rabbits, turkeys,aquaponic and hydroponic systems,
grow lights,non-GMO seeds, etc. and expertise but need more of same
and preferably someone with at least $5-$50K capital.

We are buying more land on top of the mountain. You can,too,
if you want. There is no necessity to buy land. There are 10
structures on site. No, it’s not a condo complex !

We also seek Interns for Survival Training. You will learn how to
make tools and weapons,identify trees and edible plants,growing
vegetables ,start fires,water treatment and collection and nuclear
survival preparedness. We teach how to set up solar systems,wind
turbines,micro-hydro electricity generators,solar furnaces,bicycle
electricity battery rechargers.
We provide room and 2 meals a day for a weekend. You will be
helping us do construction on many of our projects and if you
work with us for a week, you can qualify to have this as a
bug out location. If you want to stay a week then you must
bring your own food.

Need backhoe or front-end loader and diesel truck !
Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to move quickly!
This is a team effort;no one person runs everything,but there is a Christian leader. Please PM me if interested or

Contact willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

America Will Be Invaded from Seven Simultaneous Directions- The Red Dawn Phase Is Ready to Commence

“EMP attack by North Korea or Russia” and “TX68 atseroid” on YouTube.

Our backgrounds include Military: Navy,Marines,Army, fire fighter
and TSA security,emergency medicine/ nursing ,IT & Aerospace,
electrical, concrete, plumbing, construction, missionaries, entrepreneurs,
automotive & business owners,so we all have great leadership and
organizational skills… but are not authoritarian,bossy types. We many
times use consultative decision-making.. We each can lead, teach,
follow or get out of the way as appropriate,and we want others with
the same cooperative Christian attitudes.

We have experience & skills in transportation,water treatment, RVs,
nursing and medical care, solar and wind turbines, site planning,
carpentry, woodworking, electrical,electronics,raising chickens,ducks,
goats and rabbits,plumbing, mechanical and repair skills, gardening,
fishing, hunting (both gun and bow),cleaning & tanning hides,
identifying trees and plants,herbal medicine, operating chain saws
& farm equipment,and one member is a former TSA screener with a
Military Intelligence/aerospace background who owns a drone and
infrared security system ! Two of the women are artists and make multimedia art and furniture.

Contact either willswebservice at comcast dot net or dietoselfhal at g mail dot com
Please put in email Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group

  2 Responses to “Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group”

  1. Tens of Millions of Americans Will Die When the US Attacks North Korea – Citizens Don’t Matter
    Thursday, July 6, 2017 10:35

    The Pentagon is busy issuing false assurances that our nation’s defenses can bring down incoming enemy defenses. However, there are many experts that doubt that the U.S. can perform such a feat. This calls into question the U.S. government’s ability to defend the country from the revelations that North Korea has a sophisticated ICBM capability that can strike Alaska, Hawaii and potentially, the American Northwest.
    The Extent of US Missile Defensive Capabilities

    North Korea, this past Tuesday, on July 4th, North Korea tested an ICBM with the ability to strike the state of Alaska, Hawaii and potentially the American Northwest.

    The 64 million dollar question revolves around on single point. Can the U.S. missile defense system do the job it is intended to do?
    Assuming Good Intentions May Be a Mistake

    I published an article last year that noted the total lack of civil defense from a nuclear attack and how the average citizen of the United States is left totally defenseless in the face of an anticipated nuclear attack.

    All that the American establishment is concerned with is the continuity of government and the people be damned. And the fact that President Trump has inherited this heinous philosophy, to assume that things are going to change is a huge mistake. Let me ask you a common sense question. Who do you think controls the Continuity of Government program, the elected government, or the Deep State? The answer is obvious, the Deep Sate controls this critical asset. Subsequently, any American citizen that thinks that the mass loss of American lives would deter any American military course of action is making a big, a very big mistake.

    This believe is verified by the experts I have spoken with over the years and I have come to a single, unmistakable conclusion: The present government of the United States could care less about defending the American people. In contrast, as I have previously covered, Putin has conducted drills in which millions of Russians were rushed to predetermined defensive positions designed to enhance the ability to survive an American first strike.

    Russian citizens matter to the Russian government, the same cannot be said by our government, or should I say, Deep State.

    Still need more proof? How many of you are old enough to remember the civil defense drills of the 1950’s and 1960’s, where people would shuttled into the basements of large buildings? We used to a code that would come on TV and provide instructions in case of an emergency. When was the last time we have conducted such a drill? Not in this century, not in the past 40 years. Today, we will never see it coming and the government minions of the Deep State have no intention of changing this outcome. Because according to their game plan, American supposed to fall.

    So, how does this depraved indifference toward the American people enter into the current situation with North Korea.
    Giving False Assurances Designed to Calm the Masses Before the Slaughter

    Reuters is reporting that Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis boldly stated with no factual backup: “We do have confidence in our ability to defend against the limited threat, the nascent threat that is there.” However, even this Pentagon spokesperson acknowledged the test program’s track program was not perfect as they experienced difficulty in knocking down a simulated attack by an coming North Korean ICBM missile. Davis admitted to “mixed results” but returned to the notion that Davis stated that “…we also have an ability to shoot more than one interceptor.”

    Let’s be honest, mixed results means missed ICBM’s and millions of dead Americans who were not provided a place to hide before the missiles landed at their target site. BRAVO SIERRA Mr. Davis, the fact is that you no way of defending against incoming multiple ICBM’s and the American government/military will continue to lie.
    Trump’s Options Are Very Limited

    What exactly are Trump’s options? The following is a list of his mostly likely options:

    Employ more economic sanctions and for Kim to his knees. This won’t work for 2 reasons: (1) Kim will launch anyway if the situation becomes desperate enough; and, (2) China will provide North Korea with what it needs to survive since North Korea is a puppet state of China.

    Launch a coordinated bombing (MOAB or even possibly nuclear) strike against North Korea. For this to be successful, the intelligence would have to be flawless as would the execution of the strike. This is not possible.

    Trump could launch a ground strike. However, within the first few minutes Kim would launch an ICBM strike upon the United States. In addition, one has to believe that Kim is psychopathic enough to have developed doomsday weapons for North and South Korea as well as Japan.

    Trump has no options with regard to North Korea with millions of American dying. Civilian protection is not an American option, therefore, the most likely course of action is an obliteration of North Korea with a nuclear first strike and the we have to worry about two more variables. How will China and Russia respond because if we will do it to North Korea, then we would do it to China and Russia.

  2. NASA Warns of Space Weather Chaos-Massive Explosion on the Moon-Catastrophic Events Sweep the Globe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfkH7f3FNFw

    Earth has Tilted, Moons Orbital Path has Changed-Mystery of the Floating Planet

    Final Warning Of Government about Nibiru! What Is Shocking Happening… (2017-2018)