Aug 032016

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I learned a great lesson in life about people. There’s people that do, people that talk about doing, and people that do nothing at all.

We’re looking for those that can Think and DO. People that feel, know and understand the signs of what’s been occurring, and has only escalated in the past twenty years. We’ve wasted too much time already, tying to appeal to others ideas about how to prepare. Face it, no matter how much we prepare, there’s always going to be a should have, would have and could have. There are no absolutes in this world. The only absolute there is, is it’s time to dump the log and get off the pot.

There is 2.65 acres up for sale right next to our location, with room on our land for more. We’re 80% prepared and ready to finish, as best anyone can. We have all the tools for building, mechanical, gardening, energy and security. All we need now, is people. People with the ambition, knowledge, ability(financial) and skills to join us. We’ve already spoken with our fair share of crazies, people that don’t have the common sense to take things seriously.

So, if you are serious and realize the urgency, we are willing to share our knowledge, experience, and sincerity in being prepared. We are trustworthy and loyal, with principles and values outlined within the Scriptures. Which means, we do not judge and treat people the way we want to be treated. Extensive research went into choosing this location.
If interested, private message, with email or number. Security protocols will have to be met, to weed out the speculators and spectators.

May our Creator have mercy on all our souls!

  5 Responses to “The strongest instinct, is the survival instinct.”

  1. Hey, looking to network. I am in Maryland. Groups are good to have, but also having groups for networking is better. Information from points N, S, E and W is always good to have. Hit me up. [email protected]

  2. If you read my post/ profile I can avoid repeating myself. Wilderness medicine trained, 11,000 plus hours logged in NYC 911 system as a Paramedic, was three days from graduating with a BSN from Duke (see my profile- I don’t play games when it comes to doing the right thing). I have taught emergency medicine at West Point Military Academy and at community college. I have a 3.5 year old daughter- the reason I’m still here in Columbus, OH. I am seeking a community of prepared individuals who hope for a future past what is about to occur. I have been preparing for 6 years, but know nobody here in Columbus and will need to get the hell away from this city asap when SHTF. I have a lot to offer, a lot to give, a lot to learn (I am a perpetual student) and am seeking a community who might be in need of my particular skill sets. Please feel free to contact me. I’ve never put myself out like this before and this is my first day on this site, so forgive me if I say anything I shouldn’t. Thanks

  3. Oh- email is [email protected]