Aug 052020

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So has the world situation caught your attention yet?  Maybe not the time to be in a major city when the trucking stops. We are outside the capital of montana (33,000 people) and are enjoying working and living in big sky country. The motto of montana is oro y plata or gold and silver . We have space for others which could be a small studio apartment or space for a motor

tobacco plantshome/trailer. Just not a half million dollar + one as we tend towards the grey man approach. Get in touch if you are interested in talking……90 days from now might be to late. The photo is of some tobacco we are growing for medicine and gifts to our native american friends. Get in touch sooner rather than later.

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  1. Hello Ryder,
    I am making an effort to connect with new friends and people that are like minded. I grew up in Billings and have been “stuck” in UT raising my son who just left home. I’m definitely looking for opportunities to come back home. I see the signs and want to do what I can now to prepare. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. Hiking, camping and backpacking. I’m interested in learning more about self sustainability and don’t mind getting dirty. I have an office job now and it’s killing me! So, I’m reaching out.

  2. We are interested in prepping , I live in Fla with my mom and two dogs and cat. I am willing to drive up to meet. email me [email protected]