May 162020

Are you aware that time is getting short to go off-grid.

I prefer BC or Alberta.

Those who are interested please respond, especially

those who have skills, e.g. building, gardening, etc.

Money is no object for this project.

  4 Responses to “Time is short to go off-grid”

  1. I’m interested in BC

  2. So, let’s talk about goin’ off-grid in beautiful BC.
    One and all, write to: [email protected]

  3. Check out the prepper forum connected to this site. The solar guru hangs out there and has a lot of knowledge on functioning solar power.

  4. Just curious, BC close to the US border or way inland? Also, I assume East BC since you also considered AL. I have been looking at ID, very beautiful. The reason I am asking is because of the different laws of the 2 countries, not going to say it here, but I am sure you can make a guess. I would probably want property in ID and BC, you really need a fallback property anyway. I am just putting feelers out. I am currently in So Cal, and it is not good.