May 162020

Are you aware that time is getting short to go off-grid.

I prefer BC or Alberta.

Those who are interested please respond, especially

those who have skills, e.g. building, gardening, etc.

Money is no object for this project.

  14 Responses to “Time is short to go off-grid”

  1. I’m interested in BC

  2. So, let’s talk about goin’ off-grid in beautiful BC.
    One and all, write to: [email protected]

  3. Check out the prepper forum connected to this site. The solar guru hangs out there and has a lot of knowledge on functioning solar power.

  4. Just curious, BC close to the US border or way inland? Also, I assume East BC since you also considered AL. I have been looking at ID, very beautiful. The reason I am asking is because of the different laws of the 2 countries, not going to say it here, but I am sure you can make a guess. I would probably want property in ID and BC, you really need a fallback property anyway. I am just putting feelers out. I am currently in So Cal, and it is not good.

  5. Hi. I’m a faithful Christian living in Calgary AB. Any chance you’re close to the BC/AB border? I own a crossbow and know techniques to snare birds and animals. I also garden (have plenty of seeds), and plan to build a pit house, (link attached). Just not sure I want to be on my own in the wilderness when bug-out time comes.

  6. BCsenior – you still around?

    Would be interested to talk to you about what you are looking for – we may have a viable solution in southern BC area.


    [email protected] to [email protected] ? or [email protected] ?