Jun 292016

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Hey Everyone.

I started to prep a while ago as I came to the realisation that something catastrophic is bound to happen and it’s time to make sure that I’m prepared and able to get through whatever may happen.

I have just recently acquired a 100acre property approximately an hours drive from Toowoomba where I am planning to build a completely off grid self sustainable residence for myself and few other like minded people.

I am hoping I can find at least one other person in the area who would be interested in doing this together.

My goal is to have a large enough residence to house a group of people working together to sustain life after the SHTF.

I’d rather not discuss the full details on here of what I have already done and the full preps I have so far but if this is something anyone is interested in being a part of then please message me on here.


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  1. Hi Christian

    I’m on the Gold Coast. Can you email me at chrissyc [underscore] 81 [at] hotmail dot com


  2. hi there we need to talk im behind ganungra getting a party together I think to survive u going to need 8 to 10 people maybe more this is for defending against roaming gangs what do u think

  3. Hey Christian,
    I am a single senior….began prepping about 6months ago. I live on edge of Toowoomba. My email if you want to contact me. [email protected]

  4. Hi Christian

    I’ve just started my prepping, following my recent return to the relative safety of Australia – in light of the well-publicized imminent SHTF event. In my research so far, Toowoomba seems to be a likely safe place, and I know Toowoomba fairly well, as I went to school there when I was young.
    I’m now retired, single, and I have some skills which could be of use in a survival situation such as you propose to set up.
    Please feel free to contact me. jbsemc2 [at] hot mail [dot] com

  5. Hi Christian,
    We are a serious prepper group with up to 10 individuals. We would like to to discuss a mutual “win – win” scenario, helping each other through the times ahead.
    I am the “prepper” the others are my immediate family. Like you, I will be moving over the Dividing Range as the safest place to be on the East Coast,

    I am at the moment looking at land in the area, but if we are compatible maybe we can work together/?

    I have a two fold “prepper” plan, which is open to discussion.

    1. Getting through what I believe will be a “near” extinction level event.
    2. Building a a new earth society, with the immediate survivors…

    If your interested in joining forces, drop me a line and we can talk further.


    • Hi Alex , Christian does not seem to interested , no replies . I am serious prepper with about the same number crew. I am keen to do the same as you , if you wanna call me we can have a chat . Cheers Wayne 0409511453

      • Thanks Wayne,
        I have been talking to Christian about getting our prepper land and building and all the other details and we were well advanced with all our details.. ..and suddenly he is not responding. I am going to wait for a while and see if he comes back online… He could have taken sick or something else..

  6. Hi Christian
    I am interested to contact you in relation to up coming events eg; finnancial collapse, WW3, polar shift, nibiru

  7. Hi Christian , I am a serious prepper looking for a community , live now Sunshine Coast . Would like to chat and hear your plans , very keen to get somewhere have , very self reliant and handy skills. Look forward to your reply . Wayne ! Nibiru nears

  8. Sorry forgot my contact details from above message m. 0409511453 Wayne Sunshine Coast email . [email protected]

  9. Hi Christian,

    I’m in Brisbane, looking for some land in the country side 1-3hrs from Brisbane to turn into a bug out retreat. I’m of an Ayn Randian philosophy, 30yrs old, engineer with a good income to dedicate towards prepping. I’ve got some rifles for hunting and all sorts of other survival gear. Contact me at stanley.mckenthorp at gmail dot com


  10. Hiya Christian myself and family are looking for life after Nirubu, you probably think me nutters, but a lot of information or disinformation if you like is circling to something catastrophic going to happen to this planet between now and August 2017(Pole Shift) and its already starting. My family and me would like to be part of your group…. I know united in numbers the group will be strong and prosperous from any unwanted attention. Please email me ASAP [email protected]

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