Apr 092017

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We are a couple in northern Minnesota looking for a few couples, two or three, to live on 40ac. Year around. Just need to know the place is a few miles from a seasonal forest road that is 12 miles in from blacktop.

Winter temperatures can be -50°f and four feet of snow. The place is a final bugout location. But plan to live there now.

Only serious people need to contact me, I will have an email for you.

  One Response to “Two or three couples to share a off-grid in northern Minnesota”

  1. I am interested. I was taught survival skills by my father, who survived WWII. We also farmed the old fashioned way, no herbicides, no insecticides, no fertilizers except compost made from cow manure, leaves, and sawdust. I can make a root cellar so that fruits (like apples) and vegetables (like potatoes and carrots) can stay fresh over the winter. We can also build a greenhouse too. I also was in the Army for 13 years. I can do most construction stuff (my dad worked construction, he was a carpenter/contractor) but I tend to stay away from electrical things as I got zapped real bad when I crossed two wires when I was a kid. I have advanced first aid skills, and also know my herbs. How are you currently powering yourself? I want to do a wind generator, but my city won’t allow it. My email is caliro888 [dot] g mail [dot] com. I hope to hear from you soon,

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