Oct 072016

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Ventura County older, athletic, military man in excellent condition.
Been Prepping for 3 years. Food, guns, ammo, water.  Have electrical and handyman skills & tools.
Working on evac routes and sites. Am at decision point to Bug-out or stay.
Interested in finding if there are like minded Ventura County folks to coordinate with

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  1. also in Ventura County; but new to this site and have not yet coordinated with anyone else in regards to prepping, would like to talk… thanks!

  2. Glad to hear from you. I’m from Ventura, what about you? Are you prepping or just thinking about it?

    • I have done some modest amounts of prepping in the last couple of years. But my particular occupation and modifications to it intrinsically lend themselves to prepping, but not particularly to bugging out. We have different circumstances but the differences are what may be beneficial to one another. Escape routes, back up plans, etc.., are things that I need to look at since most else has been more about permanence. I feel it is worth talking and looking at options. Making connections and sharing seems like a good idea.

  3. Hello! Im in Ventura and would like to learn more about being prepared. I have some items and skills, all self learned/taught. Would like to get with others and share ideas.

    • As far as preparedness goes a good place to start is the Mormon’s LDS Preparedness Manual. You can download it on line for free or pay them $24 and they’ll send you a hard copy. We are not far enough out of the cesspool (LA) so we will get over run in an extended emergency situation. You need to think about whether you’re going to hunker down here or bug out. Think about your skills including DIY skills and self protection. No need to be Rambo!

      Take a look at this and after, if you want, maybe we can meet someplace and have a beer.

  4. I haven’t decided what I would do as far as staying or going. I have a brother in Oregon and thought if it got too bad I’d head there but thats a lot of distance to cover. I have a decent amount of supplies but could always use much more. I’ll check out the manual thanks.

  5. Hello SoCal Prepper my fiancée and I are looking to network with likeminded individuals like yourself! We believe that a lot of catastrophic events are likely to occur in our lifetime and in the near future. Do you know of any local Prepper Groups in the Ventura County area? We would be interested in sharing Ideas, Emergency plans, recourses, etc. We live in Malibu and are currently stocking up on water, food rations, weapons, etc. Thanks!

  6. Contact Email : ryanharrismalibu [at] gmail [dot] com