Jan 132020

Hello I’m Jason. I’m new to the ventura area and am looking for a group of like minded people/preppers to possible join. I’m 29, grew up in a God fearing home with a father who’s been preeping for as long as I can remember. I now am family man, professional carpenter, skilled shot, very athletic and knowledgable about survival skills. I believe I could be most beneficial to someone who like prepping but maybe is less skilled when in comes to security. I’m willing to trade my security skills for a mutual platonic friendship. There’s strength numbers. Keep in mind I have my own preps and means to provide for my family for a long time so I’d be non burdensome.

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  1. Hi there,
    I am 25 year old named Garrett. I am looking for that platonic friendship with a like minded prepper who I can learn and grow with. I have a good amount of my own preps and have just started learning skills. I have the know-how, just never put into practice. Never was really exposed to prepping, bushcraft, crafting skills growing up. We always bought new from the store. I recently got into wanting to be fully self sufficient. I live with my folks and girlfriend. girlfriend is a prepper too (not as much as myself though), parents don’t care. I’ve tried to get my friend group interested, but they don’t think anything bad can or will happen here or to them. I beg to differ! best to be prepared. Let me know if you want to get together to chat.

  2. Hi guys.
    My husband and I are early 30s with kids. He’s career military (16 years, still active duty) and a certified mechanic. I’m an rn with critical care experience. We currently homestead on the east coast. We’re moving to the south west corner of the inland empire. I keep a long term pantry (6-12 months). We’d be interested in a group. We’re not really into the world ending….. more like practical prepping (we’ve done well through hurricanes) and being more self sufficient. Let me know if you’re interested.

  3. How many people are in your camp? Skills? We are survivalist and I have a 3 year old son, husband and a deaf mother. We have containers of food, seeds, fertilizer, water, gas mask, artillery ammo etc. We are looking for a camp that are ready to protect and fight, should martial law and mandatory vaccines are implemented.

  4. Hi,

    I have recently gotten into prepping and am looking for other like minded individuals in Ventura County. I’m fairly intelligent, know a lot, and spent a lot of time backpacking in my youth, but now am somewhat out of shape and haven’t even been camping in a decade or 2. So I’m mainly looking to start building a network and skills. I think there are strength in numbers and that we all can learn from each other so something like a mutual aid group and skill sharing.

    We have just started prepping so our supplies aren’t as robust as Id like, but we wouldn’t be a burden on anyone else’s supplies. There is an inherent burden in being a family with children and as such prefer other family focused individuals.

    My main concerns are a breakdown of rule of law and civil unrest, as well as likely natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires. I believe strongly in providing safety for families, appreciation for the rule of law and the luxury of peace, and meritocracy.

    Please reach out via email: [email protected]