Nov 142021

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I have been a Prepper since long before that term came to be. Currently I am single but that may change here soon. I have a 14 year old daughter that means the world to me and I have legal custody. I work in aviation as an inspector. For years I worked as a Technician so I know my way around mechanical things and have all the tools.

I have build a couple of “houses” in Mexico, fabricated my rabbit hutches, tree houses and chicken coops from recycled items so I am a bit of a scrounger.

I currently raise meat rabbits, chickens for eggs and have a semi-successful vegetable garden. I reload ammo, make my own hardtack and dehydrate veggies. The sweetest smell in the world is mushrooms dehydrating…..

I was in the NG for 6 years. My MOS was 31C: radio-teletype operator (encrypted messaging via HAM). I do not have a license but I am in the process of accumulating the equipment. I am also looking into mesh networks, (sms via cell phones over a private network).

I have all the usual boxes ticked off on the normal Prepper Checklist and a few that my be considered outside the norm. I and mine will not be a burden to anyone.

I have several friends who are also in the aviation industry and together we are beginning to look pretty seriously (as in going to see) at purchasing some property with or without structures for the purpose of a refuge if it comes to that.

Personally I see three major events on the horizon (I call them “The Unholy Trinity”).   Covid or the Plandemic. The death of the Dollar or Great Reset. And the Grand Solar Minimum. All three are converging. It will be epic. So says I.  I call myself a Christian but do not push it onto anyone else.

My major Prepper inputs are:
Viking Preparedness
Selco Begovic (lived thru the last Balkans conflict)
The Modern Survivalist (lived thru the financial collapse of Argentina)
Bear Independent
Gregory Mannarino
Ice Age Farmer
Adapt 2030
John L Casey

The biggest threat I see is that people will not make the mental transition from normal to not normal in the required timeframe. Normalcy bias will be the end of many peeps.

As far as my goals are concerned it is short and sweet: “Lone Wolves Die Fast.” I am not locked rigidly into one concrete box. Flexibility will be the name of the game. I have heard it stated, and I believe quite rightly so that moral incompatibility is the quickest death of any group. I am not looking for the Hells Angels or Jim Jones. I am looking for hardy people who would like to live a mutually beneficial lifestyle and if things get too bad retrograde to a semi-self sufficient location.

That might be enough for an introduction.

  2 Responses to “Ventura County”

  1. Hi there, good post. You like bear eh? i have to agree there are some real people out there who share some great info. I lately have been checking southernprepper1 .
    Are you staying around the big cities of california? if so, good luck.
    We are in central montana and have been at this prepper thing since before it was a thing.
    Currently gathering like minded folks and setting up with the provisions and assets and knowledge we already have. Montana is the only state the govenor declared “no mandates”. And so far we have not had any shots and the teenager we are raising has not had any shots.
    It would be interesting to chat if you check this add. I use proton mail or let me know if you have a usable way to communicate. [email protected]

  2. Excellent Post and quite obviously you have much to offer. My name is Stephan and I currently live in the Sonoran Desert near The Pinacate. I am married to a Mexican who teaches at a local University. I would very much like to speak with you regarding the “Future” if one wishes to call it that. I like what you have stated very much. I am an Artist and Musician. I have lived in Mexico for a decade and a half now.
    Let me say that I firmly believe in “OPTIONS” when it comes to basic survival … in any situation. I also believe strongly in mobility … awareness … preplanning and avoidance of potentially “Lethal Situations”. Enough said. I leave you my Email in the hope that we might exchange some worthwhile conversation regarding possibility … [email protected]