Apr 302020

Yo. I am an involuntarily retired psychotherapist/substance abuse clinician with a burning passion for Truth, a relatively recently enlightened Christian, and a man of the highest moral, literary, and intellectual worth. On my good days anyway. But I do know a lot about a lot of things, not because I’m all that brilliant but because I’m insatiably curious. As darkness now appears to be descending on the world I’m urgently seeking to get out of the Benevolent Socialist Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts and relocate to S. Vermont. I lived in S. VT previously and having grown up in a small town in Maine (we did everything by hand, a 19th century background) it’s more to my liking. I have done some basic prepping before and I am a legal firearm owner. I’m looking to rent or find a place to put my pop-up or even pitch a tent, optimally in close proximity to like-minded individuals, and form alliances in ways that are of mutual benefit. In short I’m seeking a toe-hold in a quiet rural area and then take it from there. My financial resources are very limited but I don’t need or want much, only enough. There are two ways to have enough; one is to acquire more. The other is to desire less

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  1. I moved up from Mass and so glad I did. I’m in NH on the Vermont border. I have the same philosophy when it comes to having enough, desire less.
    I have extra space for a tent or pop-up, even have a little guest cottage. It’s all very primitive, no electricity, plumbing etc but then again, I never lose power and the pipes won’t burst.

    • Thanks for replying Neil. I’ve lived in the Berkshires for 27 years and I love it here, it’s a very unique place, but it has one major drawback – it’s part of MA. And with this C-19 nonsense (completely contrived IMO) it has abruptly become suffocating. More and more I feel like an alien on a strange world. In this world but not of it. Anyway..what part of NH do you live in? Just to have a rough idea. As I attempt to shed baggage and SIMPLIFY, what you describe sounds quite appealing


      • Hi William,
        Berkshires are beautiful but also unfortunately a part of Mass. I live in Acworth NH and I have a second location in Charlestown. I came up from Mass about ten years ago and glad I did. It’s been slow going getting things put together as I’ve been working by myself and also still need to do “real” work to pay the bills. The big push this year is gardens. I’m clearing land and hope to be able to be self sufficient in that regard.