Sep 222021

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Is there any chance there’s anyone here that’s interested in living symbiotically with Nature instead of trying to fight it?

I have an extremely secure 14 acre mountain top south of Prescott, AZ and am looking for tribe members that realize that domestication is dysevolutionary and want to basically live like the hunter-gatherers did, but with a few modern conveniences like guns, solar, and tools.

I’m 43, male, very well prepared, but have a difficult time relating to most normal people because I’m extremely driven and independent.  I have a detrimentally high IQ(a warning, not trying to brag! It really sucks!), and am more focused on “unlearning” and rewilding than trying to figure out how everything works.  I generally get along very well with people that are at the far ends of the IQ bell curve, but not so well with average folks, because they tend to want to spend a lot of time debating things that I figured out long ago.  I’m really not an elitist, even though it may sound like it, and there are always exceptions, but I’m just being honest as to not waste anyone’s time.

I’m just hoping to find some friends that want to live outside, train, hunt, build soil, steward wildlife, and enjoy the time we have left before this version of civilization does its thing and collapses into chaos.  I do regenerative firewising, teach wild permaculture, and repair things to meet my very minimal monetary needs, and would love some help with that stuff.  I built a 6×6 monster bus over the last year, by myself, in a storage yard, so I’m kind of burned out on tackling big projects alone.

My favorite movie is La Belle Verte, favorite book is a toss up between Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and Industrial Society and its Future by Uncle Ted.  I play guitar and sing(same username on soundcloud), and like a wide variety of music, Tyler Childers, Billy Strings, Marcus King, Hendrix, SRV, Wookiefoot, Animals as Leaders, Melvins, David Allen Coe…

Anyway, I’ve been surviving offgrid and basically alone since 2008.  I have a few great friends, but they all say things like, “I want to retire in ten years.” and “when the economy picks back up”.  I just need some friends that really see what’s happening and aren’t enslaved by comfort and distraction.

If you have ever worked for ZOG, watch tv, drink/smoke/fornicate regularly, use banks, or participate in western medicine, I doubt we’d be a good match.

Anyone other wingnuts like me out there?




  6 Responses to “Very well prepared 43yr old man seeking tribe around Yarnell AZ”

  1. Hello there, I just joined on to this website & am a female with grown children and have been a freedom fighter here in Phx now trying to reverse the corruption for two years. Once the information uncovered about two prominent politicians here in Phx recently came out, I am realizing my vision is changing. I have prepped for the past six months & wanted to have a phone conversion to see if applicable. Please excuse my brevity and let me know how to contact you for a phone call or vice versa. Thank you for your time in advance.
    With Kindness…

  2. Hello; my tribe is just my wife and I right now; but we are in business, still use banks, am kind of a slave to social media (because of grandbabies and work), not liking it and knowing it can end at . any . point. Your info was intriguing. We are Suspicious Observers, (Mr. Ben Davidson) is on many social media sites and has put together much info on the coming 12,000-year cycle, that you may have heard about off line. It will be ferocious. How high is your mountain? We are looking at land in CO but still are in a semi-safe area in AZ. AZ – certain elevations might be safe but the lights could go out anytime. We just missed a huge CME from the sun a few days ago, by just 35 degrees. If you aren’t building a bunker to hide from the radiation of the coming giant CME off the sun, you need to re do some online reconn because there is some great new info out there the big Gov don’t want you to know. Cheers. Love the Prescott area btw. Used to live near Sedona.

  3. Are you still reaching out?
    I am in Phoenix, like minded, slightly older & most definitely understanding the intelligence and relating situation.
    Please feel free to contact me if still interested in forming a tribe.
    Thanks for your time
    Tina Harding
    [email protected]