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July 31 2021 saturday

are there any Preppers any where in the state of Virginia ?  Looks to be I’m the only one willing to say so.


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  1. Hello, I am a prepper looking to find land in VA for homesteadung

  2. Im a prepper in Va. Id love to chat Keebler

    • good evening, welcome,i live in the Richmond,va area. have a fair set up here .73 of a acre a few small gardens, green house, dog pen protected garden, some solar. messaging all on laptop. next weekend camping at Powhatan state park.I would enjoy sharing info.

      • Hi,
        Thank you for welcoming me and thanks for replying . I am looking to learn all I can. I’m close to Caroline County. You are much further along than me. I’ve started with water storage, shelf stable food stock, plant identification research, medicinal plants, seed collection, building a library, medical supply research and tons of other research.

        • good evening again, thanks for the reply im happy to read what all you are doing to To protect your life. learning should be first for anyone. Take a really good inventory of what you have. mine is alfabetical.& where it is, IE; here or B.O.V. or at remote location.amazing what we all have,can put them in Groups,IE; food,cooking,first aid,health,shelter, including clothing,should we go into another “lock up”? i’m not a fear monger ,just being prepared.
          i only buy what i will eat,or my kitty cat.
          take care, have a great night & week.lots of rain it looks like.

          • I have started my inventory lists. I need to figure out remote locations to “scatter” supplies. I am stocking for myself and 2 dogs. Looking into food safe buckets and mylar bags for longer shelf life. Next on the agenda is solar power. Have fun on the camping trip.

          • i had friend worked in a motel He gave me 5 Bleach or liquid soap buckets. bought Gamma snap on/screw tight lids,most worked great.seals aren’t the best-i made 2 from 6″ “Charlotte pipe.” pipe glue” parts from lowes. “expensive, I buryed 2 out at B.O.L. condensation does set in.so not pleased with that option either. ttyl

        • Check out all the articles here by R. Ann Parris (links on the left hand side of the site pages)

          Here’s a few:


  3. Hello Keebler and other Virginians,

    I haven’t been on here for a while, but glad to see folks are still moving forward. My latest endeavor was to get the vacuum pump fixed on my freeze dryer. Just got that done in time for harvest.

  4. still looking for someone in or around Richmond area.