Dec 282019

wanting to chat with anyone near Richmond, Va.

i’m mostly into small solar projects.


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  1. What’s going on man. Email me at: [email protected]

    We can talk further on there 🙂

  2. single.male.senior,
    into solar

  3. We are in northeastern Tenn. maybe 250 miles from you. Maybe that is too far. You can look at Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper group to find our post. And respond from to that. You can private message me for contact info. or contact info is on that post.

  4. [email protected] – just moved to Richmond, looking to meet fellow preppers too!

  5. Keebler, good morning. I’m new to the site. Not new to the prepping idea but getting more serious given current events. I’m a medical professional, as is my wife, and I’m well-versed in many things from military tactics (Army vet) to farming, construction, etc. Admittedly my weak point, and area of keen interest, is solar power, especially portable. Let’s chat. Scott

    • morning Scott
      thanks for the reply. i do some solar PV here in Richmond,Va area just for my self. not a dealer. I’ve been using various panel hookups for almost 40 years,all have saved me money in the long run. I would be happy to discuss PV solar with you.

  6. Hi Keebler. I’d love to learn about solar power. I watch videos but there’s nothing like the real thing. We have a whole house propane generator but looking to have some portable renewable energy. Maybe even eventually augment our home power. I’ve seen the commercial units like Inergy but I’ve also seen some homemade jobs. I’d just like to be able to DIY one. Thanks for the reply. Ihope to hear from you again soon. Stay safe.

  7. good Morning;
    i have made up several minimal expense wall lamps off 12 volt 18 Amp hr gel cell Battery (34.oo) &6 watt Led bulb 7.oo. alligator clips 3.5o. for emergency use.and or I have bought 16 ft Led rope light roll.13.oo has sticky tape for mounting,Also using a gel cell battery (safer). out in my 12×20 shed i mounted (3) 12 volt 7″ car running lights few $ on E-bay.using Lawnmower Battery 29.oo w/mt some wire & a light switch. 10 watt solar panel on the roof maintaining the battery.Just having lights without Expense & hassle of wiring from house, permit & paying licensed electrician. being a camper person- they are 12 volt. like all cars. more later Richmond,Va.

  8. Happy July 1 everyone.