Jan 062019

Hello, my name is Baba Yaga and I am representing our online discord community called “Florida Preppers Community Bunker” This group is for all Floridians who have an interest in Prepping, overall preparedness, SHTF talk, Self-sufficiency, Survivalism, Finding like minded individuals or members to build a group in case of a SHTF scenario, Bug in talk, Bug out talk, Etc. We welcome all Floridians of any race, gender, age, skill or interest level. Our goal is to establish one of the largest preparedness communities in the state of Florida and making sure we all are able to come together in groups to help each other out and establish order in an even of mass chaos whether that be something as common as a hurricane or more extreme such as a national power grid failure. at the time of this posting we have over 60 members located all over the state of Florida and we are growing everyday. If you are unfamiliar with discord it is a platform where you can access it by either the mobile app or going to discord.com on a web  browser, whether you have a phone or pc you are able to communicate with us, it is basically a modern chatroom server where we can talk via messages, or using voice chat, post photos, ideas, or simply join in out conversations. Help us grow, learn, and organize and be prepared for when the time comes. Feel free to join our discord server using the link below. https://invite.gg/floridaprepperscommunitybunker

  8 Responses to “We are a Florida Preparedness Group and looking for more like minded members!”

  1. Hello, a newbie here. Interested in learning more about being prepared. Thx

    • I am something of a “newbie” as well

    • Hello! I am located in volusia county, although ive been awoke and prepping at a slow pace myself for a number of years im still learning new things all the time, We have members from all parts of the prepping spectrum in our discord group, and from all over Florida, lots of members in the Tampa area aswell, they actually just had a meetup this past weekend in that region. Please come on in and join us.

  2. Semi newbie here on Tampa area.

  3. For some reason I can’t copy your link