Jul 112021

Very strong and varied experience in many skills that will be useful in a less structured, chaotic societal environment.
Looking to share and work as a team with others to protect family and friends with the upcoming challenges we will be presented.
Please examine profile and I look forward to meeting new folks with shared goals.

  8 Responses to “West Los Angeles Prepper Looking for Group”

  1. [email protected]
    I have load claim mining project I’d enjoy speaking with you about and maybe other matches.
    Sharon Ehlmann
    Winnetka, CA

  2. Hi Jessika/Joe,

    We’d love to talk to both of you. We are currently in process of forming a local group down here in the LA area. Joe, I’ve already messaged you. Jessika, if you are interested please let me know. We are all couples and family friendly. Can’t find you in there PM system either. [email protected]