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Here is my post at the Fellowship for Intentional Community website :
Listing created on: November 3, 2012
Western ME Homestead/Prepper Group
(Franklin County, Maine, United States)
Status: Forming
Conceived 2008 – no group per se yet
Visitors accepted: Yes
Open to new Members: Yes
Franklin County, Maine, 04982 (not)
United States
Visitors accepted: Yes
email me, we’ll chat & maybe speak on the phone
Membership Process
Open to new Members: Yes
fit in w/the vision
Mission Statement:
create sustainable group
Community Description:
Have 100+ acres of hardwood & rocks, w/plenty of water – supremely defensible – need partners to develop. Beautiful rural area, some farms/tiny villages surrounded by thousands and thousands of acres of public access forest.
20 mi.s from tiny resortish village for odds & ends of employment – ski areas for one thing.
15 mi. from a very greeny/hippy small college town that is the county seat (also for employment as needed), has all sorts of Ag. Stores & a farmer’s market as well as a decent hospital.
I have an excavator, and a farm tractor w/a loader, finally bought a dump truck  to begin developing the land into a defensible farm retreat.
Also have bandsaw mill, woodsplitter, all construction tools & equipment – generators, etc., etc… 30 yrs. as a carpenter/builder/developer before becoming a realtor (know development regulations/procedure) .
Meanwhile continuing to develop present 6 acre mini-farm 1/2 hr. away for gardening & animals until big project is more under way.
At this point there are others who are interested, and I have placed 2 big travel trailers on the land . One to be enclosed in a solar double garage for temporary housing for myself . Your temporary housing would be welcome if you are in sync w/me.
No offense but please don’t contact me unless you are seriously considering a move to a group in a safer place, and please understand that my project is not developed, and will require a lot of physical work, but also – you will be on the ground floor, so to speak.
Thank you, and good luck to you all in this New Year .

  7 Responses to “Western ME group forming, have large land”

  1. what is the elevation there?

    • Probably 800 – 1000 ft, but not sure . It is 1550′ here where I live now 1/2 hr away . There won’t be any flooding any time soon .

  2. How soon are you looking for people I live in Wisconsin looking to relocate I am a gunsmith and fabricator by trade also have taken care of farm animals most of my life

    • Well that would depend somewhat on you. There isn’t much going on at the land right now – expect to be there doing sitework come summer .
      More help means more done this building season .

  3. You can email me directly [email protected] I am very interested in would like to know more about beliefs and vision for the property

  4. Are you allowing people to stay on the property in exchange for work

  5. Hi Robby. Sent you a email to your yahoo address.

    Read about the tons of mail so dropping a note here as well

    Email from IC relay and originating at my tiefork at gmail address

    Hope to hear from you

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