Mar 142020

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I’m not worried about the coronavirus as a health issue because all the contradictory statements and advisories.

People are getting tense and anxious and desperate because some don’t have jobs to go to right now. It’s escalating everyday. People are hoarding food so food prices very well could skyrocket to deter that.

If you’re with or trying to link up with local prepper groups, please send a private message or email about how you’re getting connected and anything you’re doing last minute to insulate yourself against the backlash, not the virus itself.


  2 Responses to “What are you doing to get ready for the chaos right now?”

  1. Journalist?

  2. Looking to go off grid it’ll just be me I live in the city i’m looking for like minded people and I came across your post in hopes that we could start the process of doing what we gotta do within the chaos to survive..please shoot me a msg in this inbox from there I can give you my email address and number and we can discuss further. Thanks stay safe hope to hear from you