Jul 212020

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  • Always looking for Preppers in island county, especially the Oak Harbor/Coupeville areas. Nothing special just share some ideas and/or perspectives while doing the morning routine.

This morning I’m finishing up our garlic harvest which was good but not great. A lot of small to mediums with plenty to replant in the fall.
if any Preppers would like to talk prepping strategies prior to this next election I would like to hear it. No politics, just prepping. Either way it go things are gonna get worse.


  2 Responses to “Whidbey island Preppers”

  1. Just stumbled across this site and saw this post. If you’re still active drop me a line.

  2. I have always been interesting in preparadness ( Im 60 now ) I think the time is right to join an organized group of like minded people with skills .
    If you represent such a group or are looking for more people please e mail me at [email protected] . I am your man !