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Are there any active preppers on Whidbey Island. I very interested in exchanging skills/knowledge and share some ideas. We don’t have to meet although that is possible. I have various skill sets and I continue to learn. Just jeave a message.


It’s been almost a year since this was originally posted. I’m still a prepper although I consider myself more of a suburban homesteader. I don’t have acreage, but I have chickens, fruit trees and a large garden with hoop house and grow room. I could probably survive with my family for 90 days without assistance barring attacks from a large well armed group. I have some skills but I have much too learn. You can contact me here and we can chat.

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  1. Looking to meet up with prepper groups on Whidbey Island.

  2. We live in the island and have been looking for like minded people with the possibility of forming a MAG.

  3. Have you been on the island long? For us it’s been about thirty years now. Military? If it’s not breaking your OPSEC, are you in Oak Harbor? I will check for a response daily over the next week.
    I’m out

  4. We’ve lived on the island for 9 years now. Yes, I’m prior navy and we live on the north end.

  5. I’m retired Navy. Been prepping for a while, picking up skills and contacts as I go. Do you shoot much. I didn’t this winter, I will be back on track starting this month. I can tell you this, I’m not a extremist in any way unless my free will is violated. If you wish to trade some skills or ideas, keep talking.

  6. First and for most, thank you your service. I too put my time in the Navy. My wife and I have been prepping for a good time now. We’ve had a slow going at making contacts on the island and in the Skagit area of like minded individuals. As to shooting, yes we both shot but we have a long way to advancing our abilities. It’s mighty expensive to maintain your skills when you’re on a budget. My neighbor and I reload which helps to cut down the costs though. We aren’t extremists either, just patriots that believe our Constitutal rights are being whittled away and this government, both state and federal, have become to large and invasive to properly govern. We’ve worked dilligently at picking up new skills. My son and I are going to be working on getting our General ham license by this fall so we can operate “legally” on the HF bands, we practice animal husbandry and food preservation, and we work on training at medical, security tactics, and the teachings of our founders history. Sorry that this is long winded. It sounds like a we both have common interests that can benefit us both.

    • I also reload, 9, 45, 223 and 308. Although 308 has been a while. Need to get back to range, been months. I’m currently working the vegetable garden getting most things planted and the rest are seedlings in my reloading shed. Also working on buildings another AR. I’ll end this with a question “ is your spouse aboard with the prepping/homesteading mindset ?”


  7. The wife is absolutely onboard with our prepping and homesteading efforts. I’ve been of the prepped mindset ever since I was a kid. At first when I started talking about prepping, she started asking why I was doing that. She, like many sheeple, was under the illusion that the government is here to take care of us because we pay our taxes after all. Fast forward to 2013, searching Pinterest posts and wanted to setup our Emergency Binder. Then, in 2015, she discovered the “Going Home” series by A. American which lamented her wanting to make sure we’d be in a better position when disaster ensues. I can’t recommend that series enough. So now we’ve been building up our preps, sharpening our situational awareness, and learning skills. A couple more series that I’d recommend is “299 days” by Glen Tate and “One Second After” by https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8589.William Forstchen.

    • Then you are a lucky man. My situation is almost ironic in that my wife does not shoot at all. She, like me have been through Hurricanes, Earthquake and even a wildfire. She has many basic skills, but she is not a prepper. In a MAG she’s ok, a more tactical group not well at all. Long day planting greens and tomato plants. Got my reloading shed back under control so I’m dead tired.


      • Sorry that it took me a while there. Lots of irons in the fire. Everyone can play a vital role in a MAG. While your wife may not shoot, there are plenty of jobs that need to be accomplished that aren’t tactical. For instance, she could listen to a radio (shortwave, HF, VHF) to gather intel that would greatly benefit your group. There’s also tending to the homestead, homeschooling kids in the group, researching, just to name a couple. These are the things that groups forget to think about.

        • I know what you mean. I have so many projects and not enough time or money to get them done within the timeline I want. I did want to ask if you grow any of your own food, like chickens, ducks or vegetables or fruit. If so, what do you grow .

          • Yes, we grow vegetables, fruits, and nuts in addition to chickens, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits. With the vegies, we plant our staples of tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes; our fruits are apples, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, blueberries, gooseberries…all of which are good antioxidants and make great wines; and our nuts are peanuts, hazelnuts, and walnuts. We’ve only been doing vegies for a couple of years so we’re still trying to get our system down. We’re doing our best to be a self sustaining homestead for when it really is going to count.

  8. Yeah, I know what you mean. Many failures with broccoli, pickle cucumbers and others. Been gardening for a decade. I do well with tomatoes, green beans, kale, spinach lettuce and herbs. Potatoes too. Have 4 apple trees and an Asian pear tree but they are young and the fruit is small. Also do strawberries, raspberries and just started with blueberries. I did not know you could grow peanuts here. Sounds like you have a good piece of land to work with. I’m on a 110’x75’ lot, but my backyard is almost full with 2 shed, 8×8 hoop house and about 7 raised beds. A little too busy for me. I need more space, maybe 5 acres or more. Starting to ramble, you have a good night


  9. Do you grow anything to feed your chickens? If so what.
    I’ve been very busy too so I can understand the silence as of late, lots of projects plus the usual maintenance duties. You have a good week.


  10. Sorry for the delay. Yes, I’ve been very busy with work (my first job) and our farm (my second job). With the number of chickens that we have, we can’t keep up on growing too much for them to eat so when we’re out in the area we let them roam and eat bugs and leafy greens. It’s a good balance for them and we get beautiful yoaky eggs. When they’re in their paddocks we use layer feed. Nothing fancy but not the cheapest feed either.
    I’ve been trying to work on our security plan. Indicators and requirements, exfil and infil routes for each vehicle when we’re away, either separately or together, from the property. Establishing a comms SOI and the needed equipment. Training for everyone on how to use the equipment and our SOI.
    We’re fortunate that my brother-in-law is a doctor and field medic so we’ve asked him for advice on setting up our IFAKs, quartine quarters, what we need to stock on hand and as backup supplies.

    Anyhow, hope your week is going good for you.
    End Transmission

  11. Hope that you had a good Independence Day celebration. Just want to say hey.

    • Hope your enjoying this media hyped “ snowapocalyses “.
      I’m personally having a great time while make a small list of things that I can do better. I apologize for the long silence, but I have been truly busy. My daughter bought 4 acres in Arlington close to Oso and she and her spouse really need my help and tools. Hope to communicate better in 2019. I want to pick your brain on what seed varieties you use and your results and well as other topics. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter.


      • We have various seeds of vegetables. Different types of cucumbers, summer and butternut squash, pumpkin, tomatoes, celery, different herbs, carrots and parsnips, onions, grapes, hazelnut, gooseberry, strawberry, blackberry…basically what we use for all of our cooking and canning.

  12. I have designed a web site for Family Emergency Preparedness Plans for people on the Island, where they can go to for information on preparedness. Please go to http://survivalnut.homestead.com/ and read through the site. Please leave a review on how the site is.

  13. looking for others to talk over Emergency Preparedness on Whidbey Island. We are a family that prepares for natural disasters that might happen on the Island. Others that might want to share thoughts on preparedness please contact us.

    • Evening. Been a while since I’ve been on here and sorry for that. Good to know that there are more people on the island that are prepper conscious. We prep for different types of events that has happened and those that might. Living on an island has both its benefits and hindrances, power being in the top 3. Let me know if you’d like to talk more.

      • Yeah blackouts and brownout are a big problem with the high winds increasing in the last few year. I have a generator but my spouse wants a electric start. I keep 40 gallons of gas, I would like to have 60. I’m trying to find the best seed varieties for the island, that’s why I was asking. Still working on that. I will try to check this site more often


  14. It’s so odd that over the years I’ve been using this site I have seen maybe 4 people from Whidbey Island. This is somewhat frustrating for beginners thinking they are alone in both their location and way of thinking. I have been prepping/homesteading for awhile and have family and friends so it’s not that bad, but this lone wolf or husband and wife thing does not work. I wish you folks luck in your preps.

    • it is pretty crazy how many sheeples continue to sing lalalala with their fingers in their ears. get a load of the 5g. end times or sure. we are husband and wife and seemingly going it alone also. we have farm out of country, but can’t sem to even GIVE our chldren pasports to help them. only peole who want to help themselves are in the know. it is more than frustrting. we are visiting family here, but to no avail.

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