Sep 262018

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Starting over for a 3rd time.
Lost everything I had due to situations, involving my grown children & husband. This time I’m needing to relocate just to get distance between us.
My husband isn’t a nice person, especially when drunk.
My children understand that I want to move to the countryside, but believe that I’m better off in the city, because I have never learned to drive.
I am in my early 50s, still having hope for my dreams from childhood to become reality. I don’t have very much preps, also never got the chance to learn skills by doing, which is how I learn best.
I have memories of my brother taking me hunting, cleaning what we caught, showing me how to build a simple shelter, all on our Papaw’s farm in Flaherty, KY. My Dad put me, at the age of 13, in charge of the wood stove while he was at work. He had me & my sisters handle the wood after he chopped it. Dad taught me (although I’m quite rusty now) how to start & maintain the fire. Those, memories were my realities back then.
My fire inside are still burning for the life I’ve been dreaming of.

  3 Responses to “Willing to relocate to Northern Wisconsin or The Upper Peninsula, Michigan.”

  1. Mary, I want to just wish you the very best. It sounds as if you were dealt a crummy hand. I am in Minnesota, soon to be moving to Arizona, so we will likely never meet. Be careful who you latch onto. We’re largely loners and somewhat quirky by nature. I would suggest that you stabilize first. Perhaps find a church and/or something like a hiking club. Again, best wishes.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Sorry for all the trouble you are going through. I echo Woodchuck’s ideas. Finding a church group would be a very good thing to do. Be careful around people that have a loose tongue. If they can’t keep from swearing they are probably not someone to be around. They must have their head on straight, have a job, be able to work, treat other people with respect, particularly women, children and the elderly. If they are good at fixing things that’s a bonus. But as Woodchuck mentioned: “Be careful who you latch onto.” because some people that do not have good intentions target people in your situation. Keep your head up. Be alert and I wish you the best.

  3. Good evening,I’m in ohio and looking for people like you.please tell me a little more about yourself…I’m looking to start a small community with good people