Sep 012018

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Survival in NY during current times is daunting as it is. Lately I’ve been having a tough time, although making due while watching my income go to pay taxes. I’ve been looking for new work, preferably a caretaker or superintendent position in ME or NH, the state’s my heart belongs. I’m 26 and still just young enough to move around and try to start somewhere fresh. As well as getting in touch with new people to share ideas for sustainable living post grid, if anyone needs my resume I figure I should ask around here. I’m a tractor and heavy equipment operator/tech by trade, but have built barns, poured concrete, installed plumbing and run conduit. I’ve got a resume and references for anyone who is interested.

Sorry for my first impression here to be asking for work, but anything goes in survival, I’ll make due either way.

In other news I have a project I’ve been working on lately, two sort of, but one is much more exciting. I call it the ark, and it’s an armored emp shielded ssd (solid state harddrive) with the entire contents of Wikipedia downloaded on it. I know it may at first seem silly, but an entire encyclopedia in a durable storage unit with an integrated pc designed just for viewing and navigating it’s files can be super useful. Ive used wiki chemistry articles to make aspirin from acne medication so there really is no limit to its help in a situation like this. Although I’m pretty much an outdoorsy person who rather wear a wool kyrtle and start fires with a flint if the world went my way, I’ve been nerding out and educating myself in circuity systems lately and want to bring that knowledge into my self sustainability goals. Electricity is pretty vital in having an edge in terms of defense as well, and being able to scrap and salvage components has opened a whole new world of prepping ideas for me. My second project is called the Nomad. It’s basically a frame backpack with a deep cycle twelve volt and inverter. Along with it is a charge controller and a wire spool. Built into the pack is a GPS unit, a uhf/vhf transceiver  and a c420 papr blower. It’s heavy as hell, and started as a way for me just to be able to take those items from my home to car with my hands free in the event I needed to bug out. I’m thinking of cutting the weight an making a molle compatible chest mounted unit, for long distance exploring and logging of landmarks in a post-grid scenario. I’ve got loads of LiSO2 batteries to power a smaller unit efficiently. I haven’t integrated my radiological survey meter yet but I’d like to add that and some weather monitoring equipment as well. Sort of the eyes and ears for a camp of preppers to have someone travel a radius of maybe a dozen miles continuously to see what’s occurring outside the community. Your can’t prep if you don’t know, and prepping doesn’t end in disaster due to Murphys law.

I’m linking an imgur gallery for you guys. It’s a private post, you don’t need to sign up to view it, it’s a direct link. It’s just some pics from the last couple years. Some fun stuff I’ve built, operated or experienced, granted only photos I have one my phone.

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  1. Hi brother Nick I am a old patriot survivalist not of use to any one I did the same kind of work equipment operator cranes dozers built roads, pipe lines, poured concrete, built houses, not computer savvy no education taught my self how to read and write was a fighter 31 fights have preached and have miracles and healing follow me when ever the Lord opens a door. I was facing 98 years in prison on trumped up homicide charge a prosecutor didn’t ‘t like me it was a 15 year battle that is when I started doing some legal stuff for people did a few cases won a few. Learned about the founding fathers and be came a survivalist patriot. After my homicide case was dismissed I left the state I was in and came to VT. to build a cabin in the woods and die. The time is short America is going to be destroyed

    • Can’t imagine how tough all that must of been. It does give me a little hope after hearing all you already survived, you’ve got your cabin in the woods and are prepared to survive more.

      • Well that wasn’t the end I was bleeding internally for 15 years I came up here to VT and die but the Lord had other plans I bought the land with a stream on it wanted to put in a water generator solar heat etc. lost 40 pounds was in pain 24- 7 couldn’t hardly standup and walk any more some one came by and said they wanted to buy the land. I thought well that is the end of my dream and me I take me home. A little while after I sold the land a friend I didn’t understand and I still done I have had so many people receive miracle’s and healing and would say Lord what about me. All I can think of is that he wanted to test me see if I believed what I was telling others? was afraid to die and trusted him do I really believe what I say? well when I thought I was it deaths door I think I passed the test . A friend of mine asked me if I had try a gluten thing ( eat no wheat etc.) I was starving because I couldn’t eat anything I tried what he said and everything started to get better I took about 6 months. Well speaking of land I ended up with more then I started with. I am on 15 acres ? of land with a building that was a wood working shop and a house with enough room for 13 or more people and the shop could be turned into a bunkhouse? there are some problems because the other person isn’t a believer I don’t know what will happen I kind of feel into it when I did I saw the potential when the economy crashes If I’m still here I know that that well be the time of my finest hour

        • I always have to remind myself that somehow my sacrifices everyday are worth it. Whether it doing good and making my family proud or even working extra hours to help an older employee get a break. That’s always been my way, to just help everyone. It seems to frequently end it. Me getting taken advantage of at a lower wage or unhealthy friends who take but never give. In the end even with all a person’s suffering they memory they leave for other effects everyone beyond their passing. Just from talking to you and hearing how you pulled through hardship in life already has affected me positively. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the butterfly effect, but any little deed someone does can make someone else’s life so much easier. That’s part of why I worry about a major disaster in this country. I’m 26 years old and so many people my age and younger are complainers and not doers. I feel like the work ethic of your and my father’s era are gone. The young generations fight amongst each other by playing the blame game and list millions of problems but they have no good solutions. Like you, when the value of the dollar drops, I know my old world knowledge and attitude will help me keep those around me not just surviving, but thriving in a self sufficient community. That’s awesome your property has a carpentry shop on it. Your a huge step ahead of me by having the space to start off grid projects!

          • Every thing we do comes back to us it is the law of sowing and reaping, Paul said Gal 6 be not deceived god is not mocked whatsoever a man sows that he will also reap….. Let us not be weary in will doing for in due ( time) you will reap there is a season to plant = and a time to reap that which was planted be patient it all comes back in his time and in his way (faith works patience) I lost everything and years latter got things back. Were I am now lot of land, work shop, tools now I have a place to do most everything I wanted to do but am to old to do it just had screws put in lift shoulder and they will do the right one if I want them to I think no. It was hard for me to learn patience I couldn’t work with people very good I was full of anger and I didn’t know how to talk to people because of what and were I came form it took the Lord 30 year to make me into a normal person ( work in progress) I came form living in a night mayor. Maybe I should share with you some of my life story about killing when I was 15 years old. Any way I know what you are saying about work ethic and the young people, I will be 76 next month, last year I dug a hole 14 feet by 13 feet 4 feet deep with a hand shovel and jack drilled the ledge to pig the foundation I made a green house with 4 feet underground to start plans early preparing have a 35 by 85 garden. I know what you mean about work I was digging ditches when I was 16. I had a pool business in RI when I got sick I left it to my sons we couldn’t get the help even the young ones teens couldn’t work and worst of all my youngest son at that time was 18 year old would pull up a chair sit down and watch me and his brother work. He wont do anything he lives in a house in RI my wife with the help of the state sold from me I made it the hard way.

  2. Hi Nick. PM me if you can. Would enjoy being able to bounce ideas off one another.