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have lots of room on 140 year old family homestead looking for like minded people to share it with located one hour from Edmonton in Alberta Canada

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently been reading a lot and talking with people about this climate change catastrophe…that we should be preparing for a lack in most all of our resource in the coming years (in 3 years they say it’s supposed to get ugly). What are your thoughts on all of this? In seeking this community what do you hope to achieve?

    Also, where do you see the world in 10 years? what exactly are you anticipating this catastrophe to look like? and what are your plans?

    Looking to learn from you,



  2. Hi I am wondering if you had any response I am looking for a group to homestead seems the net doesn’t want like minded people too find each other ; )

  3. Hey, just wanted to add that I am also somewhat of a prepper and have started a business specializing in off grid/solar homes. we are based in calgary, just wanted to say this could be something to add to the community. let me know if you guys are interested.

    as far as your question is concerned, this is what I see potentially happening in the next 10 years. Farming (based on GMO seeds) is very specific in the seeds they use and how the soil is treated. This, I see, is something that is not sustainable, therefore droughts and major crop failure is something I think we can see, and are currently seeing, that would effect food pricing. Its hard to say political factors that can effect whats happening in the states with the wild card trump, but it seems that relations around the world (especially with the muslim nations) are going to diminish. as far as climate change is concerned, I think this will play out slower than most people think, but I don’t see any positive change trying to correct or slow this down. This is one reason why I’m very passionate about the solar systems we install on homes/businesses and farms.

    The positives I see with the homestead movement is the connection with people and sustainability. This is super cool, and something that is lacking. I’m currently trying to set up some sustainable way for me and my family to get local produce and meat thats not dependant on grocery farms but rather dependant upon relationships with farmers (and one day starting a hobby farm of my own).

    Whats your plans for your homestead? you farming at all? any livestock etc?

  4. Working together: Good for you to open your heart to this important way of life.
    “If I knew then, what I know now….”
    Hope your community grows and works together.

    I am looking for the same in SW Ontario. Tough times in ON. But warm
    to grow Organic vegetables. If anyone wants to chat, drop me a line.

    harveyblack at mail dot com

  5. Don’t mean to bother you with those emails…Trying to share a revelation is difficult when typing. Not trying to prove anything, haha. Just hoping you too may see something in that. Fanaticism in any respect is harmful to anyone. So…we must be vigilant at all times. ESPECIALLY on the internet….

  6. My favourite book, definitely George Orwells 1984 and ______ and others as well. What about yourself ? ___ and Mr......ummm whats His name again?

  7. Karetaker,
    If you are still interested in pursuing
    the desires in your OP (opening post),
    please contact me … [email protected]
    Thanks, Doug

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