Feb 262021

I have a small ranch in eastern Wyoming (Black Hills area) that I have spent a significant amount of time, money, and labor trying to get ready for the storm blowing down on us.  Still lots to do.. My wife recently passed after a long illness and the kids are all grown and gone.  So it’s just me now.  So if you are interested in building a safe haven with a like minded group please contact me…   Big house with lots of room, trailer house (14×50 ft), RV parking, room to build whatever we want, established garden, livestock.

The pieces are in place – just need the labor, skills, and right attitude to create something for all of us.  And I am follower of Christ so pls keep that in mind but I don’t believe in that PreTrib nonsense – we’re all going to go through the crap that is barreling down on us.

God Bless,


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  1. Hello, I’m in SE Wyoming. Looking to buy a place in your area. I too am a little older at 55. Would like to get to know you and possibly see your place.

  2. Hi there KC, I’m in SE WY and just looking to build a network and learn some new skills. Always nice to connect with some like-minded individuals. Looked like you might be forming a group, and I’d be interested if that’s the case. I’ll send this message to your posted email as well so as not to get lost.