Nov 142020

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We decided some years ago to move to a lower population area, and get more self sufficient. We welcome people who are willing to work hard and start a full time life here in montana while the fragile systems still are in place. If surviving and thriving are more important than a private agenda, do get in touch. Christian moral code and being resourceful and hard working are high priorities.

the Post Office is anticipating the imposition of martial law.

A disaster is headed the United States way and a bank run is anticipated and this message was a beta test indicating an anticipated bank run due to circumstances. Bank of America would be shutting down in order to prevent a bank run.

Whoever wins the election there will be times of disruption, are you where you need to be?

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  2 Responses to “Here we are. And here we go. Have you got a place to be and preps? Starvation and evil acts by other people.”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Suzy Klitgaard. Also have an ad as well. My contact email:
    [email protected]

  2. Please contact me or ANYONE else interested in building a MT network.
    I am a Believer who knows ALL true Christians MUST suffer for their faith. MT resident. Are most aware here that Canadian govt now allows China military to practice on their bares initially done without knowledge of citizens? China has a base in Alberta.

    Alberta is close to MT yes?
    I believe TRUE Believers MUST come together NOW. Anyone?

    Lily.jae(at)protonmail dot com