Nov 142020

We decided some years ago to move to a lower population area, and get more self sufficient. We welcome people who are willing to work hard and start a full time life here in montana while the fragile systems still are in place. If surviving and thriving are more important than a private agenda, do get in touch. Christian moral code and being resourceful and hard working are high priorities.

My my the world is getting more interesting by the minute. if the new old guy gets in things will not get better . Montana has a newly elected republican govenor and more new conservitive faces in government. We just had a good hunting season for deer and elk. Our winter squash is stored and we are cruising along right now.

Whoever wins the election there will be times of disruption, are you where you want to be?

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    My name is Suzy Klitgaard. Also have an ad as well. My contact email:
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