Mar 182017

Looking for fellow preppers on the gold coast.

I live on the GC but I also I have 40 remote acres in the Huon Valley in Tasmania. It is 4WD access only.  It’s already set up with solar and completely off the grid.

I am looking for fellow preppers around the gold coast who would like to hedge their bets with two locations

If you’re interested post a comment and we’ll talk more

Sep 262016

Hi i,m new to the site and looking to meet people in tassie to join in on the info wars on how too’s … i,m finding it hard to find books on what to eat and what not to eat in the bush of Tasmania any one got a good place to get the right book for what ill need to survive in the coming events. i,m in the burnie area

cheers john . look after your self’s .

May 252016


brainstoring an idea here. I’d like to organise a network of investors. To build the ultimate bug out location in Victoria as well as a holiday retreat , food gathering station


Someone who can donate land in the highlands of Victoria. (Compensation for use land)
Find skilled investors in areas such as: building, medical, farming ,military
invest 50k +
Build farming , underground bunkers, food storage, communications, heavily fortified location
Holiday retreat
total self Sufficient
pm if anyone has already arranged such situation or looking to be an investor . And most important a generous land donor

Dec 052015

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G’Day, willow here :)

I am a Tassie prepper still getting up and running on U Tube, but have been prepping for a while would love to get the 4 1 1 on any other Tassie folk interested in what i am up to. jump up an down on the keys an give a hoy or check out my U Tube space and subb if you like, OR do all of the above lol.

later gaters willow tassie prepper out :)

Link to my U Tube space if your interested.

If that don’t work type in “willow tassie-prepper” in U Tube search

 :)happy prepping :)