R. Ann Parris – who is R. Ann Parris? A mini bio.


R. Ann Parris is a permaculturist, conservation landscape designer, and small market grower who writes preparedness articles for The Prepper Journal and Preppergroups.com

Her journey toward preparedness and self-reliance started with the techniques and skills common to poor families who use the land, sales, and “make do” attitude to accomplish what they need, and being in areas where threats are common — tornados, storm outages, then wildfires, flash floods, hurricanes and snowstorms as she moved around the four corners of the U.S. and beyond as a Marine, first in SigInt and then as a combat correspondent.

Over her years she has been involved in SAR, farm and pet animal rescue and rehabilitation, and humanitarian assistance missions.

Beyond carrying an M16, M4, and M9 on various deployments, she maintains her NRA range safety officer certification and has been involved in familiarity and safety basics and tactics for handgun, shotgun, and rifle training for the NRA and private clubs, while shooting disparate sports from IDPA and Cowboy Action Shooting to trap and CMP rimfire and high-power sporter.

She is a lifelong grower and hunter with great respect for animals and the wonderful diversity of people and ecosystems in this world, and unending joy at having finally settled back in her native Deep South where she enjoys her animals, her garden, her woods, and her family.