Read First!


This site is an updated version of a page I had going for several years at It’s a place where you can look for other preppers in your area, network with them, recruit for your group, join a group etc.

It is NOT a singles site. There are other sites for that.
It is NOT a real estate site. If you own a business, don’t spam.

Don’t use the site to argue about religion, politics, race or sexuality. Preppers come from a broad spectrum of society – if you can’t deal with that, move on.
It is NOT a homework resource! If you are doing a paper on prepping – move on. This site is for preppers – not a cheat sheet for students who think prepping might make for an interesting paper.
It is NOT a place for you to harangue others whose views may differ from yours. If you wish to debate something use the forum, not the contact site.

This site is open to the public. Do NOT post phone numbers here. Press, media, students and all others are able to view the site without logging in. Phone numbers can also be used to identify owners and locations, creating the possibility of targeting by thieves and worse.

If you want to discuss prepper topics use the forum, not the contact site.

If you’re press, students or other media/entertainment do NOT contact users. Read the Press/Media page and follow the link provided to have your information presented on the forum.

If you own a business, don’t spam the site.  You can talk to me about advertising here or you can list your business as a prepper friendly business in the forum for free – but spamming this site will see you booted.

The site moderators and I monitor the site. Posts have to wait to be okayed before they are displayed on the site, the time varies depending on availability of moderators.

A hint!   Don’t forget to add an email in your posts so people can contact you – although a private message system is available if you’d prefer not to give out your email address.   (If you do use the private message system, please delete old messages and save me some space)   🙂   The press have been known to try and contact people through their postings – use caution!

We have a prepper forum on the site. It’s a place where you can discuss prepper matters – and whatever. It is here.